Group like this but for cancer?

I have found this site very helpful in that it's basically user based and user driven.  I am looking for a similar group for cancer patients.  Everything I find is dr's, care centers, pharma, psycology, or societies/professional organizations all drven, mediated, or otherwise led by professionals in their fields.  That's all well and good but I'm looking specifically for how people handled Rituximab chemo treatment from a patient perspective.  No, I don't have cancer, but I do have a rate blood disorder and this is the only fairly successful treatment.  Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated but suggested of american cancer society and such other professional groups are not what I'm looking for.

Thank you for any help!



by Gemita - 2022-05-04 22:49:34

Bob, have you considered looking at a Facebook Support Group for Rituximab Users?  I found the above link while searching.  I am not really a Facebook fan but the above seems to be a small private group which might be worth having a look at?  I would search specifically for Rituximab rather than a general cancer support group.  I wish you luck and hope you find the best treatment for your condition.  

Cancer forum

by stoga - 2022-05-04 22:59:55

Based in London but very close to this site

support groups

by islandgirl - 2022-05-08 12:19:28

Check out


Cancer Support Community

by ourswimmer - 2022-05-11 22:17:14

Can anything here help you?

Thank you....!!

by BOBTHOM - 2022-05-18 22:21:51

Thank you for the responses.  I'm not a facebook fan and definately don't trust it to not share my info.  That's probably the last place I'd look for help for pretty much anything of a serous nature.  The other links listed, unfortunately, are exactly the types I've been seeing and all mediated by professionals.  I do appreciate the suggestions though!!

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