Cardiac MRI question

I have an ICD.  I had a cardiac MRI a couple of years ago that was stopped immediately with too much artifact.  

I am scheduled for a cardiac MRI in a couple of weeks, at a different hospital and with a different EP.  I asked about artifact and he said they do MRIs all the time with patients with devices with no problems and he didn't understand why they couldn't do my MRI.  

Has anybody had an artifact problem when perfoming a cardiac MRI?


Cardiac MRI

by Gemita - 2022-05-04 09:29:16

Islandgirl,  the effects of motion on image quality of an MRI is a well known problem compared to other imaging like an ultrasound or CT scan.  I have had artefact problems with MRIs in the past (prior to pacemaker),  but an experienced MRI technician should be able to get good images with care and allowing extra time if needed to overcome problems due say to poor breath control, cardiac/respiratory movements and things like this.

I would be confident in your EP requesting the MRI and in your MRI technician to get the information they need.  The only thing I would ask, since you had an unsuccessful scan last time, is whether this could have been due to any uncontrolled arrhythmia disturbances at the time?  I would perhaps ask how they would prepare you for a cardiac MRI to enable them to get the best images possible with your heart rhythm disturbances?  Would they for example increase your meds to quieten any arrhythmia for the duration of your scan, to help overcome any potential motion blurring?  No harm in asking and getting reassurance.

Good luck.  I am sure they know what they are doing and will get the information they need.

MRI and pacemakers

by TAC - 2022-05-06 12:03:30

 The strong magnetic fields will damage the PM. However, MRI can be done following a strict protocol. They set the PM in safe mode and after the procedure, it's reprogrammed. There are new pacemakers that are MRI safe.

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