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Hello to everyone! The first few months of the year were spent in seeing my various doctors and specialists. Every one has said there will be no need to visit more than once a year from now on. It is funny to say, but I feel like a "normal" person again! I mean, really normal people don't take several kinds of medication & have a device in their body to make sure those meds don't kill them, but still...My body is woring (almost) the way it should!

I took a sightseeing trip over the past weekend with my grown daughters, and I did not worry about cutting visits short or having to sit out for part of the time. I had a wonderful time!

I first got to know this site & the people who contribute a few days after pacemaker insertion, when I felt awful and was sure that everything was going to be worse than ever. I found here reassurance, empathy, encouragement & education. I so appreciate that, and I hope that I can now offer some of that myself. But not that often, because I'll be busy living!  


glad that you are enjoying life now

by new to pace.... - 2022-05-02 14:48:51

new to pace

You are an inspiration

by Gemita - 2022-05-02 16:47:46

Your news just keeps on getting better TLee and I am proud of what you have achieved in such a short time and in such difficult circumstances.  Cannot believe you are the same member.  Whoever said Atrial Fibrillation (AF) cannot be controlled?  If you have time, you can always let us know how you tamed AF?

Please return to chat occasionally.  It is always good to receive your news to inspire other members to carry on during difficult periods. 


by Good Dog - 2022-05-03 08:07:14

Way to go! We need more posts like yours!!!


by MinimeJer05 - 2022-05-03 14:57:44

Always love reading when people return to check in and say that things are mostly going good and back to normal! Easily the best part about the forums.

Glad to hear everything is back on track for you.

I hope it stays that way for many many years to come.


Take care



by Persephone - 2022-05-04 11:14:04

Thanks for sharing your uplifting story, TLee! Made my day :)

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