3rd wire

I had a icd pacemaker implanted in January and now I  have to have a third wire implanted.

anybody experiencing this?


ICD surgery

by Old male - 2022-04-12 17:25:22


Being an 8 year ICD patient with 2 leads, I would have to wonder what changed in the 3 month time period to require this.

3rd wire

by Julros - 2022-04-13 01:42:43

A third wire, used to pace the left ventricle, is usually placed due to a low ejection fraction (EF). A 2 lead pacer has the potential to worsen/lower EF, by causing dyschrony, where the two lower chambers do not squeeze simultaneously. This can leadi to a dllated left ventricle and worsening EF. 

I am guessing you recently had an echo that showed this? Have you been more short of breathe, retaining fluid, or having swelling? 

I personally had a lower EF before the pacer, so my third wire was inserted at the same time as the other 2. Since then, my EF has improved. 

Julros is correct

by Good Dog - 2022-04-13 10:46:41

I agree with Julros that the third wire is a good thing, not a bad thing. You should feel much better and it also should provide greater longevity. I have not experienced this yet, but I will in the near future if they can successfully extract one of my old leads. After 35+ years of being paced, my EF is dropping.



Third wire

by AgentX86 - 2022-04-14 02:12:12

I'll second OLD MALE.  What changed in three months? The third wire is normally needed to correct PIC (Pacemaker Induced Cardiomyopathy).  I can't imagine that three months is enough time for it to develop.  I wonder if they missed something the first time.

The third wire isn't any sort of a problem, once it's there.  Getting it placed can be problematic but that's why we hire experienced EPs.

to help you better

by new to pace.... - 2022-04-14 08:20:28

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