increased heart rate

I have had my pacemaker for 6 weeks now and overall I have been doing pretty well. The input from this  this group has been a tremndous help. In the first week or so I could really feel the pacemaker at times.  It all seemed to settle down.  I have increased my activity through the weeks and feeling ok.  Today, for no apparant reason, I seem to be really feeling my pacemaker and my heart rate is up around 80-85 without activity. My pacemaker settng is currently set for 60 min.  I still have much to learn about settings.  I have my 6 week follow up next week.  Has anyone had symptoms of increased heartrate and the sensation of felling the pacing like this? I have been feeling so good about it all in the last few weeks, I am not liking this feeling. It's quite hot here in Southern CA today  (99F) so I don't know if that might have something to do with it.  I appreciate any thoughts!




Increased heart rate

by Gemita - 2022-04-08 05:47:16

Hello KBob,

When I first got my pacemaker I could feel my heart rate speed up regularly and it did feel uncomfortable, but my heart rate was considerably higher than 80-85 bpm at times.  

A heart rate of between 60-100 bpm would be regarded as a normal heart rate range, with anything over 100 bpm classified as tachycardia which if prolonged, would require treatment.  I appreciate for some of us however that a heart rate of 80-85 bpm, particularly if it happens at rest, will feel very uncomfortable.

As you may know, a pacemaker will successfully prevent our heart rate from falling below the base rate (minimum set rate - yours being 60 bpm) but a pacemaker alone cannot stop our heart rate from increasing above the normal heart rate range which is why some of us have to take rate lowering medication, like a beta blocker after our pacemaker implant to calm any palpitations.  And palpitations/increased heart rates can be normal following an implant procedure or any stress to the body.  

I hope next week you will get some answers and reassurance that all is well.  In time hopefully you will be less aware of your pacemaker and palpitations.  I certainly am and my little device is doing a great job controlling my symptoms, even in the absence, to my knowledge, of any major settings changes.  Sometimes changing settings too quickly doesn't help.  Our hearts need to get used to being paced first, so be confident and patient for a little while longer.  Are you dehydrated?  Make sure you are having plenty of clear fluids

Increased Heart Rate

by Kbob - 2022-04-08 22:08:15

Thank you for your helpful response.  I must continue to remind myself to be confident and patient. Thanks for the reminder!!

Heart rate

by AgentX86 - 2022-04-08 23:47:02

It's not uncommon for the heart to do all sorts of things sortly after any heart procedure. A small rise in the rate is nothing to be worried about.  Heart rate above 100bpm, as Gemita pointed out, is reason to call your cardiologist/EP but even this, alone, wouldn't be an emergency.  However, if you ever feel faint or pass out (syncopy) it is reason to seek help ASAP. It could be deadly. Think: top of stairs or while driving (don't do that!).

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