vision change

I was wondering if anyone has had a vision change.  The reason i ask is mine seems to go and come.  Noticed these past couple of months been having a hard time reading street signs.  An this small font in these forums.

Did see the retina specialist who said my vision was 20/40.  Otherwise my eyes are in good shape.   Am scheduled for a vision test on the 11th.

Have also occasionally have floaters, mine seem to come when a bit dehrydated.  Looking at having laser surgery on the left eye will speak with retina Dr. this week.  Did query the cardiologist and she said  she would sign the cardio release form.

Certainly wish we had spell check on these forums. 

new to pace


Vision changes

by Gemita - 2022-04-07 18:19:38

Hello new to pace,

Unfortunately many health conditions can affect our eye sight so it is important that we get regular eye checks to catch any problems as early as possible.

My husband had vision disturbances prior to being diagnosed with diabetes.  Since then he has often needed a change in prescription due to uncontrolled high blood glucose levels.  He also has high blood pressure which can be difficult to control and this will cause vision disturbances too.

I have had some nasty vision changes (blurred vision) with my anti arrhythmic med Flecainide and some meds can do this, although I realise you are not on any regular medication, only supplements.  You might also look at these and at your diet.  I am also having cataract problems and have a condition called map dot fingerprint dystrophy, so vision changes are very common for me, especially when my heart goes into an arrhythmia at high heart rates, my eyesight can be affected.  Yes dehydration will do it for me too and I have to use regular intensive lubication for dry eyes.  

So yes, vision changes are very common for many of us I suspect depending on our other health conditions, medication, lifestyle, quality of sleep and so on.  I hope your vision test doesn't find anything significant and a new prescription can improve your vision

VIsion changes

by Persephone - 2022-04-07 18:27:28

Hi New - I hope all else is going well for you. In my case, I love the trees and flowers in my area, but each spring I can really feel the effects of pollen exposure. Lubricating eye drops about 2x/day become a necessity, and my eye doc recommends them. You say this has been going on for a while though so maybe not seasonal. Agreed about the struggle with no spell check on the forum, but I guess it's kind of liberating in a way :) 

Vision issues

by Julros - 2022-04-07 19:48:55

Good for you for seeing a retinal specialist, especially with floaters, as they can be a pre-cursor to a retinal tear. A thorough eye exam is definitely needed, to exam all areas of your eyes, including corneas , lenses and pressures. I do have map-dot dystrophy, and dry eyes, so good lubrication is vital. And I have the beginnings of cataracts, which causes glare at night. Or you may just need an updated eyeglass prescription. 


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