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Hello All,  I had my second Remote Check for my dual chamber pacemaker.  I don't really understand what these numbers mean.  Is the purpose of this check just to show that the pacemaker is working correctly and how the the battery life is which is 12.9 years.  What does RA paced at 99.6%,  RV oaced at less than 0.1%, HX AF burden 0.1% all mean?  That is all it says.  No other numbers or notes.  Thanks!  Sharon


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by new to pace.... - 2022-04-02 17:35:54

you might update your profile now that you have  a pacemaker.

You should ask them what the numbers mean. I wait a week then contact them for a copy of the report.  If there is a concern they would let you know.

I made a form for all those numbers.  Easier for me to compare, put on my copy % paced, times in Afib and battery life.

Did you go on your trip and did you enjoy it.?

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Remote Check

by disneyfan - 2022-04-02 19:00:04

Hi New to Pace,  They don't send a report.  It is just brief notes online that stated what I wrote above.  The first time, they did the remote check, it was the same thing....they post minimal notes online for me to view.   They did call me when they found I was in Afib less than a week after putting in the pacemaker.  So all must be good  now  then since I haven't heard anything.  I was curious what the numbers meant.   Next time I have an appointment with the doctor.  I will ask.  Thanks for the "heads up" about keeping form on the numbers.  I will start that.  Great idea!

We did go away on vacation to The Villages, Florida to get out of the darn cold up here in New York State for awhile!    We had a great time!   Too bad I couldn't bring some of that sunshine and warmth back witht me!!!   Thank youf for your reply!  It was appreciated!  Sharon


by AgentX86 - 2022-04-02 22:09:07

You will have to ask for  the full report.  They have to supply you with all of the settings upon request. It's part of your medical record which, legally, they can't withhold.  They're required to give you all of your records except imaging.  There may be a duplication cost for this but you are entitled to everything.

The numers don't mean much.  What matters is how you feel.

That said...

RA (right atrium) paced at 99.6% means just that.  Your heart is almost continually paced.  Your natural pacemaker only supplies 0.4% of the heartbeats.  This means about nothing because this number could go from 0% to 100% by lowering your heart rate 10bpm.  More context would be needed and it doesn't matter anyway (see above).

RV (right ventricle) paced at less than 0.1% indicates that you don't have a heart block.

From this, it looks to me like your problem is SSS (Sick Sinus Syndrome) but your AV node is helthy.

AF burden just means the percentage of time that you're in atrial fibrillation.  0.1% isn't much and may really be zero.

Battery life is another number that doesn't mean much at this point.  In theory, your PM will last ~13 years.  It might.  It might not.  It's just a guess and will change depending on your needs and the accuracy of this SWAG.

Remote check

by disneyfan - 2022-04-03 11:58:13

Hello AgentX86,  Thank you so very much for your help to my questions!     I will ask them for the reports.  I felt wonder when I first got the pacemaker,  even though I was recovering, just a little sore but more energy.  A week later they found I was in Afib for like 12 hours and put me a more meds.  I think the meds make me tired but definately not as tired as I was.    This was my second remote check so that's great that the Afib is a lot less!

Anyway, you stated "This means about nothing because this number could go from 0% to 100% by lowering your heart rate 10bpm."  I don't understand what you mean by that sentence   I understand it going higher than I currently have but why would it go lower?  

Thank you again for your help!



by AgentX86 - 2022-04-03 14:01:53

It's somewhat counterintuitive but assume that your natural heart rate is 55bpm and your pacemaker is set to 50bpm. Your pacemaker won't be used at all. Raise the PM's minimum to 60bpm and your pacemaker will do 100% of the pacing. First one (highest rate) wins.Now, set the pacemaker to 50bpm and it's a race.

Now, if your rate is wonky or you lose beats, it could be something between. By itself, the number is next to meaningless. Given all the information, your EP can monitor your progress. Ask, he should explain what's important.

Hint: the more you know and the more "intelligent " questions you ask, the more information you'll get. Keep asking questions.


by disneyfan - 2022-04-05 21:06:10

Hi AgentX86....Oh, my gosh!  I get it now!    Thank you for explaining so simply!  

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