pain after checkup of heart and pacemaker

I am feeling an odd pain around the pacemaker implant site after going for my regular checkup for my heart and pacemaker.  They told me everything was good (I've had my pacemaker since April 8th of 2021).  That was on the 29th and since then I keep having little pains off and on when I move my arm and it's just around the pacemaker area.  Anyone else?


Small Pain

by Good Dog - 2022-03-31 20:23:29

There is no way for me to know, but if they just checked you two days ago, it would seem very unlikely that anything is wrong. I can tell you that I experienced a small amount of pain at the site from time to time over the years (not recently) after my implant. I figure it was likely caused by movements that I made impacting the area around the PM. Obviously, it took me many years to adjust to that new hunk of metal under my skin. Thing is, we can be pretty sensitive about that area anytime anything feels a little unusal. It is human nature to assume the worst. Really, as long as you do not have any inflamation at the PM site, it is highly unlikely there is anything to worry about. Though, if it is something that really bothers you, there is nothing wrong with having it looked at again. You should never hesitate seeing your doctor anytime you have a concern. I can only speak from my experience and I think that it is pretty normal to get some pinching and a little pain at the site from time to time. As long as it is not constant/continuing and/or severe, it is usually nothing!

I hope that helps,


pain after checkup of heart and pacemaker

by Giggles - 2022-04-01 11:02:16

Thank you for the feedback - I am new at this and I do worry too much I'm sure. 


You are welcome

by Good Dog - 2022-04-01 13:48:36

I see that you and I are about the same age, except that I have had my PM for over 35 years. I gotta tell you that these things are pretty darn bullet proof! When I am not on this web site, getting a PM check, or at the doctor's office, I completely forget that I even have a PM. 

I wish you the best,


pain after checkup of heart and pacemaker

by Giggles - 2022-04-01 15:08:59

Thank you.  I hope to get to the point that I won't worry about the little aches and pains and just be thankful to have something to take care of the problem.

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