best device from Boston (PROPONENT/ACCOLADE/ESSENTIO) for sportsmen ?


what do you think is the best device from Boston (PROPONENT/ACCOLADE/ESSENTIO) for sportsmen with bradycardia, chronotropic incompetence, intermittent AVB?

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Boston Scientific Accolade L331

by rocnrower - 2022-03-12 17:29:00

I had the Boston Scientific Accolade L331 implanted (dual-chamber) on December 29, 2021, about 10 weeks ago for Sick Sinus Syndrome. I used to run (marathon) and have been active using the Concept2 rowing ergometer for the past 28 years. Up until I had the implant I was rowing between 9 and 10 km per day, every day. My resting heart rate was 32 bpm and during a stress test I got it to 126 bpm. Following my 6-week follow-up with my cardiologist I am now up to 7km per day and will get back to where I was before the implant. My experience was immediate as to how I physically and mentally felt the day after the implant--great, not fatigued or out of breath. My electrophysiologist made the choice for me as to the PM selection. At the 6 week checkup, the tech from Boston Scientific told me that the battery for the Accolade was estimated at 12 years. I'll take it. I am 67 years old, very active, 5 foot 11-inches (and seem to be shrinking) and 155 pounds. I am glad I went with the implant. I wanted quality of life now rather than to wait and have to have the implant when it was critical. Best of luck with you choice.


by AgentX86 - 2022-03-13 17:54:54

I don't know how things are done in Germany but I highly doubt that you'll have a choice.  This is something decided by your EP  based on your medial needs, primarily. ...and of course availability.  You need to make sure he knows everything about your lifestyle so he can select the appropriate pacemaker.  Most, at least in the US, don't get a chance to select even the manufacturer. I suspect it isn't much difference around the world.


by ar_vin - 2022-03-14 00:45:43

For some perspective, I'm in the US with an employer provided insurance plan.

My EP gave me a choice of PMs (Medtronic, Boston Scientific and I forget the third one now). He is associated with two or three hospitals and they each prefer one or the PM. The EP himself said he would recommend either Medtronic or Boston Scientific.

I think one has to ask - you might have more choice than most suspect.




by AgentX86 - 2022-03-14 00:57:32

If your EP has admitting rights to multiple hospitals, perhaps, it's possible to select a hospital.  Most EPs are affiliated with one hospital, though. Hospitals tend to use only one manufacturer's PMs and within that selection, it's unlikely that you'll chose the model.  EPs are more familliar with one manufacturer's product. They aren't 100% interchangeable and everyone has different needs. OTOH, I suspect there is a lot of input from the manufacturer's reps.

The differences are minimal as far as you are concerned

by crustyg - 2022-03-14 09:57:12

I don't work for the vendor (BostonSci), but a quick review of the BradyPacer Guide and a couple of the product sheets tells me this: Proponent is slightly geared towards HF patients, Essentio is the standard model and Accolade has some bells and whistles (e.g. HR variability, nighttime/sleep apnoea detection).

All three have accelerometer and the MV feed into RR.

There *may* be some differences in memory size/duration of data retention, but I've not found this in my brief review of the product sheets yet, and if so, this is unlikely to affect you much, if at all.

By far the most important aspect for you will be getting your device tuned for you.  This is time-consuming and therefore expensive (I spent an hour on a static bike having my Accolade tuned for road cycling), and I've had a couple of small tweaks since then trying to improve things for high-strength/large muscle activity when there's little/no upper body movement (e.g. Yoga, Pilates, lane swimming).

Accolade-EL can easily last 14-15years before replacement: there are good arguments for and against long device life: fewer replacements, but denied later models with new/extra features (which can be important for SSS+CI).

Chose the better one or the best

by The Right Pace Make Peace - 2022-03-15 21:32:18

Thank you all for answering!

So I understand that the ACCOLADE is the flagship, but for sport there is no really difference between the three. Only special features.

My EP recommend the Proponent, but I don't know why. I think because he have it.

Best wishes

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