Irregular Heartbeat

Just wondering if it is normal to have irregular heartbeats off and on, but then, it goes back to a normal heartbeat.  No SOB, Pain, or Fatigue, just irregular.  I just feel just a little "different" when it is happening.  


Irregular heartbeat

by AgentX86 - 2022-02-25 23:28:25

An irregular heartbeat is never "normal". Some arrhythmias are more dangerous than others but you need to get it checked out ASAP.  It may be very important  or not. It can't be known until it's known what sort of arrhythmia it is.

Irregular heartbeat

by TAC - 2022-02-25 23:41:27

What was the reason for your getting a pacemaker? An irregular heartbeat isn't normal. It could be atrial fibrillation. Some people don't feel any discomfort. Anyway, I assume that you have a home monitor for your PM. If the irregular heartbeat is serious enough, your EP or his nurse will call you about it. Meantime, you should keep a record of those incidents (date and time), and in your follow up appointment with your EP, you can show the doctor the record of those episodes of irregular heartbeat. As long as you have a monitor for your PM, those episodes of abnormal heartbeat, will be transmitted to you doctor's office. Furthermore, they will be recorded in your PM. When your EP interrogates your PM in your next visit, those episodes of irregular heartbeats will show up, and the EP will explain them to you.

Irregular heart beat - is it normal?

by Selwyn - 2022-02-26 10:18:04

Well, an irregular heart beat may be normal. Slight irregularity after exercise, with stress, fatigue,  following caffeine or alcohol may be normal. ( so called extra systoles, or ectopic beats).

You may want to read:

Medically, a completely irregular heart beat (" irregularly irregular") is always abnormal.  There are many arrhythmias that produce irregularity and it can be difficult to tell an irregularly irregular rhythm from an irregular rhythm, or a dangerous rhythm from a normally irregularity. 

You need to have some monitoring to capture this on an ECG, unless you have the odd extra beats after exercise etc. ( as above).

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