I had my pacemaker fitted just before we went into lockdown and I haven't had much information on anything. I'm looking to fly for the first time in March and am very apprehensive.  Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thank you in anticipation x


Have a good time !

by IAN MC - 2022-02-05 09:41:03

I'm not sure which aspects of going on holiday are making you feel apprehensive ??

Having a pacemaker and flying are similar in that both rely on technology to keep us alive.....  is it the pacemaker or the flying which is causing you a problem because both have stood the test of time and both are remarkably safe .

I flew to France on holiday  ( from the UK )  a few weeks ago and the only bad part of the whole experience was all the Covid-related paperwork at airports / restaurants / bars etc.

What exactly are your concerns ?


Don't worry, be happy.

by AgentX86 - 2022-02-05 14:27:36

Ehrn you say that you've not had much information on anything, does that mean that you haven't been back to  see your EP since? Yes, that would worry me.

OTOH, if you've had normal care, I agree with Ian.  You're overthinking this. PMs and airplanes mix very well.


by BradyJohn - 2022-02-05 19:59:36

No worries, I got my pacemaker in Feb 2020 just before lockdown.  I've flown a bunch of times since.  Just let them know at security that you have a pacemaker.  They will know what to do, either the scanner is pacemaker friendly, or you get the gift of a pat down.  Either way, no worries.  Have a great flight!


by Tracey_E - 2022-02-07 11:00:32

I've flown countless times while paced. I don't bother telling them at security anymore. Once upon a time we weren't supposed to go through the metal detectors so we had to tell them and get a pat down. Newer pacers use alloys that do not set off the metal detectors and all scanners are pacemaker friendly now, so no need to mention it. The 3D scanners are xray technology, not metal detector. 

Why , Tracey ??

by IAN MC - 2022-02-07 11:49:17

I know you've written before that you go through the metal detector without any problems but I usually find that by declaring my pacemaker I get through security far more quickly.

I tell them that I have a pacemaker  as I am placing my cabin luggage on the conveyor belt. They then usually beckon me  through the gate by the side of the metal detector  which means that I overtake the non-bionic crowds !   Then a quick pose in the X-ray scanner machine followed by an equally quick pat-down  .......  result is that I am usually through security and waiting for my wife ( " what's new ? "    you may well  ask  )

Maybe you enjoy metal detectors ?



by Tracey_E - 2022-02-07 17:36:45

At the 3 airports I fly out of most, they usually have both metal detectors and 3D scanners open so I go through whichever has the shortest line. If I say something, they'll put me in the scanner line.   

Is PreCheck a thing on your side of the pond? I usually breeze right on through regardless. Having PreCheck means no shoes or belt off, no electronics out of my bag, and it's always the shortest line. Last flight, I added Clear so now I go to the front of the PreCheck line. Saying something just slows things down. 

I get what you're saying, though. When the scanners were new and not at every security checkpoint, they were usually faster than the line for the metal detector. That's rarely the case here now. 

Tracey... it sounds great !

by IAN MC - 2022-02-08 06:19:02

I know that some UK airlines have agreed to participate in your Pre-check system but , as far as I know , only at US airports.

I assume it is only offered to honest, reliable,trustworthy, law-abiding ,low-risk citizens like yourself ( if only they knew ! )

I have certainly never been offered a choice of which line to join and always have had to obey the instructions from someone in a uniform.



by Tracey_E - 2022-02-09 09:54:02

You must be confusing me with Loopy again. I am a good girl. (see my halo??)

PreCheck involves a background check and fingerprints and writing a check. Clear is another background check, recording biometrics, and a bigger check. I think they're good for 5 years. 

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