Update on I want a pacemaker for Christmas !


I was finally given the clearance to get my new pacemaker and it was inserted a week ago on the right hand side of my chest. You would not believe how exciting this is for me after weeks of severe infections, several operations including the one to remove the pacemaker, which by far was the worst operation. I still have recovery to master and adjust again to having a new pacemaker but at least I can now start to look forward to living life again. 
I am seeing my cardiologist in a few days time and know I will be carefully monitored but right now I am just so grateful.

Thankyou again pacemaker club .



Oh you lucky girl

by Gemita - 2022-01-27 09:08:30


I am so happy to hear you have a new friend and can start to live a normal life again.  I hope you will stay free from infection and that your past experience will soon be a distant memory.  You deserve success this time.

Good luck when you see your cardiologist and I hope your pacemaker will be working well for you and you recover quickly from this additional procedure.  Remember to take it slowly and you will soon be making good progress.  What a wonderful Christmas gift. 

Come back and chat with us anytime you wish.  Someone is always around

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