Pulsating Arm



I recently has one of the only issues I have ever had in the last 12 years. Near to where the wires are for my icd my muscles were pulsating very strongly. 

after been checked out by an ambulance crew the but it down to a nervous twitch. Prior to this I was putting my daughter to bed. 

the next day I spoke to my ICD nurse and she said it was not related to my long qt or icd. 

have any of you had any issues like this?





Muscle twitch

by TAC - 2022-01-18 18:11:50

You have been told already that your pulsating arm is not related to your pacemaker. That's good news. What you have is a muscle twitch (myoclonus). This could be caused by a number of conditions or situations. Most common causes of muscle twitching are non-serious like dehydration, electrolite imbalance, fatigue, nervous tension, anxiety. If it continues you can check it with your family doctor. However, at your age I wouldn't think of anything serious.

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