Arrhythmia and covid vaccines

Hi all, 

I had my covid booster on December 16, and on the evening of the 17th had palpitations and arrythmia that lasted about an hour and a half.  Coincidence?  I don't know,  but it was my most significant experience with arrythmia and freaked me out a bit.  I have a fairly strong family history of afib.  I noticed a comment on this board that suggested there could be a connection between receiving the vaccine and afib.  The poster said that as their body adjusted to the vaccine,  the arrythmia receded as well.  Any similar experiences?  (I am also following up with my doc tbc)





COVID and arrhythmias

by Julros - 2022-01-13 01:22:20

Sorry, John. I've had 3 doses and no sensation of arrhythmia. I seem to be in atrial flutter most of the time anymore, but the only way I can tell is that my heart rate is 70 instead of 60. 

Covid, Covid vaccines and arrhythmias

by Gemita - 2022-01-13 04:44:28

John, Firstly I want to say as an arrhythmia sufferer, there are so many potential triggers for my episodes, so it is difficult to know for sure whether the Covid vaccines were responsible for a worsening of my symptoms at the time.  However after each Covid vaccine dose, I did experience more frequent arrhythmias but only for a limited period.  I had a word with my doctors who suggested I take extra medication until my arrhythmias stabilized and they did after several days on a higher dose of Bisoprolol.  This was slowly reduced as my symptoms eased.  

Any acute symptom(s) from any health condition, whatever the cause may trigger an arrhythmia for me John.

My situation however is somewhat complicated because I had Covid in April 2020.  Troublesome symptoms lingered for months and I was very poorly.  My doctors believe I am still intermittently suffering from long Covid symptoms:  now mainly chills, night sweats, flu symptoms, so after receiving the vaccine these symptoms were heightened over a three to four day period and as with any illness, my arrhythmias were more noticeable too.  

Despite my comments above, I will continue to take up any Covid vaccine that is offered to me in the future because I have personally experienced the harm the virus can inflict.  I wish you all the very best

Covid vaccine and arrhythmias

by TAC - 2022-01-13 12:19:36

Your arrhythmia was most likely triggered by the vaccine's induced stress reation of your body. Any insult to the body creates a chain reaction involving the nervous, autonomic, endocrine, immune and haematologic systems. Not only vaccine stimulations but any trauma as well (accidents, surgeries, etc.). The body stress reaction can be manifested in many ways. As an example, I relate my own experience. A few weeks after I had heart surgery many years ago, I developed a bout of acute, painful inflamatory arthritis in several joints which I never had before, but after several days it disappeared spontaneously and never came back. In another ocasion, a few days after cataract surgery, my platelet count that has been chronically low for years, sky-rocketed suddenly but after a few days it gradually fell down to my baseline. Finally, after prostate surgery a couple of years ago, I developed arrhythmias that had been absent for many years. My new ED wanted to do an ablation, but I refused. Eventually after a few days, they went away and never came back after I healed from the surgery. Of course, everybody is different, but when the homostasis of the body is disturbed, a lot changes occur in the organism and they are manifested in a variety of somatic forms, one of the most common are palpitations.


by BradyJohn - 2022-01-14 22:54:08

Thanks Julros, Gemita and TAC,

Your comments were very helpful and somewhat comforting.  Though there's a lot of afib in my family, (both parents, my maternal grandfather and at least one uncle) I don't really know that much about it.  I can appreciate Gemita that living as an arrythmia sufferer must present its own set of challenges.   And, I'm sorry to hear you are a long covid person as well.  I had covid in mid December of 2020.  The only lasting effect that I am aware of is that my sense of smell is still returning.  TAC, I hadn't really considered the vaccine as an insult to the body, yet of course it is, even a benevolent insult is an insult.

I'm monitoring how things go, so far, all's well.

I hope the same is true for each of you, and hope that in time Gemita, covid will only be a memory for you.



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