New pm implant

Has anybody blood pressure gone up since the implan of a pacemaker mine is higher and it seems I get arrhythmia when it goes up or have arrhythmia now more so than before thanks



by MinimeJer05 - 2021-12-30 23:34:12

Hello and welcome to the club!

Im sorry to hear that you're experiencing higher blood pressure and arrhythmias -- nothing about either of those is fun. 

I'm not sure how much higher yours is going, but my BP was always at 120/80 give or take a few points and after my PM we noticed it was more-so in the 130/85-90 range. Not terrible, but some days it would be perfect and other days higher (I think I saw it hit 137/98 a few times). My doctors didn't seem overly concerned, but we have made med adjustments to get it back under control. 

I would suggest having a convo with your medical team and cardiologist to look at your history and the trends of where it's going. Easier to get it under control before it gets too high. 

Also, as dumb as it sounds, stress and diet can sure help lower it naturally. I was extremely stressed post PM surgery and honestly could be eating a little bit better. I have no doubts that this came into play for me. Could be the same for you?


take care


Raised Blood pressure with PM.

by Selwyn - 2021-12-31 07:03:45

CO= HR x SV.  ( CO is cardiac output. HR is heart Rate . SV is heart stroke volume.

BP = CO x PR.  ( BP is blood pressure. PR is peripheral resistance)


BP = HR x SV x PR 

Hence, any rise in heart rate elevates blood pressure.

If  PMs are inserted for a low heart rate. Most people with a new PM with have a higher blood pressure. A higher BP puts addition strain on the heart. Any addition strain may cause an arrhythmia.




by Persephone - 2021-12-31 12:50:56

Hi Cin - I hope you're overall feeling well with your PM. My cardiologist also did not seem overly concerned with BP in the early times after implant (I don't know when you had your procedure) but was more interested in monitoring over time.

In my case, I'm very confident that the 10 pandemic pounds I've added have contributed to my recent rise in BP - have been working with the doc to adjust meds and with myself to get more exercise.  

Any very salty food will send mine up for a couple of days, without fail.

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