Strange feeling at back of throat


I'm new to the forum, i had a pm fitted on 23/12/21.

Medtronic dual chamber to treat bradycardia after failed ablation for tachycardia. 

When i stand up, i get a strange pulsing burning sensation at the back of my throat.

I have never had any problems prior to the pm implant.

Any advice or idea's would be greatly appreciated. 



Ah Yes, That Feeling!

by MinimeJer05 - 2021-12-27 17:43:03


First off, welcome to the club! I hope that you are able to look around and get comfortable. There are a lot of great posts on here to help ease you through your transition of owning a PM.

To address your question -- I would make a comment of this to your doctor or cardiologist. I wouldn't worry, but I would definitely verify that this is "normal" for you.

I say normal for you, because one thing I have learned on these forums is that there really aren't two people with the exact same symtoms or experiences after getting a PM. We all seem to work a little differently and some of us are more/less sensative to certain sensations than others.

When I get my PM interrogated, I feel a very unique tingle in the back of my throat. It's obvious almost immediately and I've noticed that same feeling on and off as I live my life and I just attribute that to "welp, my pacemaker must be doing something?" as the feeling goes away and is NOT followed by any other discomfort. 

For me, it's a feeling that lasts maybe 5 seconds and if I'm sitting still and doing nothing, it's very noticeable, but if I am talking to someone or doing something actively, it's no different than the need to scratch a random itch on your arm.

For you, it seems to happen when you stand up -- if this is repeatable, I would suggest getting in touch with your medical team. They should be able to look at your PM and see if it's doing anything when you standup. Perhaps try doing it with a BP cuff on or while checking your blood oxygen or doing an ECG/EKG? 

I hope it's nothing and I wouldn't try to worry about it too much (we all know where that takes us).

Keep us posted on what you find out and if you keep experiencing this.

Take care


Discomfort following pacemaker implant

by Gemita - 2021-12-28 05:38:23

Hodgy, I am sorry to hear of your failed ablation which has led to your pacemaker.  When was your ablation done?  

Your question is a somewhat strange one since you say your symptoms only happen on “standing"?  Do you feel your symptoms at any other time by chance?  A burning, pulsating sensation is what I feel with nerve related problems anywhere in my body. 

Your Bio states you are in the UK.  Did you by chance have a general anaesthetic for your implant procedure?  I did and I woke up with throat discomfort caused by intubation for the duration of the procedure. There are complications that can arise with a general anaesthetic.  In any event I would see your GP if your discomfort continues to get some throat and general health checks.

The other possibility is that your pacing is stimulating a nerve causing these sensations.  I would explain your symptoms to your cardiologist/technician if you haven’t already done so and I would also ask to go back for an early pacemaker and data check to make sure your settings and pacing are right for you, although it is still early days since implant and this may well settle without any intervention.  Intially my lead settings were set slightly higher to compensate for any swelling (edema) around the insertion sites.  After a few weeks of healing, the settings may be adjusted downwards.  You may get twitching/pulsating initially because of this.

Sensations of all kinds have been noticed by many members of this Club following pacemaker implant.  Sensations like pulling, vibrating, tingling, heating around the device, burning sensations elsewhere, throat discomfort, sharp, sudden pain and the list goes on.  This is because delicate nerves/blood vessels can easily be traumatised or damaged during the procedure but this usually heals with time.  So there are just so many possibilities Hodgy as you will appreciate.

PM throat sensation

by Selwyn - 2021-12-28 06:35:54

Sorry to hear of your problem.

I would seek medical help for this.

Oesophageal problems are felt in the throat (referred pain).  It is possible to have oesophageal damage with PM lead insertion, or if a transoesphageal ultra sound was done at the time. Such sensations may vary with body position. 

Acid reflux (sometimes stress related) tends to be worse in the horizontal position. 

As you are in the UK it is worth a chat with your cardiac department's nurse specialist (hopefully they will have given you the contact number on discharged). I don't think your GP will be able to help so long as the back of your throat looks normal. 

Do let us know the outcome, thanks.





Strange feeling at back of throat

by Hodgy - 2021-12-29 05:30:36

Good morning 

Thank you for welcoming me, just to follow up on my previous post.

I had the ablation on the 06/12/2021 followed by PM implant on the 23/12/2021, it was carried out under local anaesthetic. 

The pulsating feeling in my throat seems to have settled down a bit compared to before, so I'm hoping this continues, i will bring this up at the 4 week follow up.

I think it may have been acid reflux? Seems to be quite a common occurrence with others.

I'll update after I've been for my follow up. 

Thanks again

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