atenolol to treat tachycardia

I was on Atenolol for a long time to treat tachycardia they had to start reducing the dosage because of heart rate becoming to slow. That's when my cardioligist decided to implant a pm to prevent, my heart rate from going too slow and causing me to blackout again. I wasn't told whether to continue the atenolol or not. I just recently, started taking the atenolol again as my heart seems to start racing again at times causing shortness of breath. Anyone else, had these problems? Thank You! 


Post Pacemaker Medications

by Marybird - 2021-12-25 10:34:45

Pacemakers will keep your heart rate from going below the minimum rate at which they are set ( the default rate is 60, but can be programmed to be lower or higher depending on the person's needs), but pacemakers cannot prevent tachycardia. If you had tachycardia before your pacemaker implant, and took atenolol to control it, chances are good you still do. 

It'd be a good idea to contact your cardiologist or EP for instructions about your atenolol and other medications post pacemaker implant. It may be the prescriptions don't need to change or you may need an adjustment in your meds, depending on how things go. 

Many, many many, etc people here take medications, the type and quantity depending on their cardiac, and other medical conditions. I have sick sinus syndrome with both bradycardia ( controlled by my pacemaker), and tachycardia ( recently informed it was atrial fibrillation). I take fairly high doses of metoprolol ( beta blocker, similar to atenolol), and diltiazem ( calcium channel blocker) to control my heart rate- these were increased over the year following my pacemaker implant. I also take two other meds, losartan and chlorthalidone, which work to control my hard to control high blood pressure along with the other meds, and a blood thinner, Eliquis.

Definitely check with your doctor about your medications. 


Post Pacemaker Medications

by Stephen R - 2021-12-25 11:14:24

Thanks very much for the information explains a lot I'll get ahold of my dr. Monday. I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas!

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