Atrial flutter after generator change.

I just had my first generator change. I went in totally fine, except for the 100 percent heart block I have. During the replacement I developed an atrial flutter. My heart righted itself. An hour after the procedure, my heart went crazy, I went in to AFib, once they got it calmed down, the atrial flutter was back and stayed for another 3 hours until they tricked it with the pacer to get it back in rythm. Now home, I'm on meds to control the flutter, bit I feel like I can't take a deep breathe. Has anyone else experiencd this? I feel like something is. It right. Or is it anxiety from being scared during the event? My doctor assures me it's not life threatening, but its just a weird feeling. I can't kick. 


Generator change

by AgentX86 - 2021-12-19 11:18:00

Did they change leads as well?  If not, I don't see why the heart would change rhythm, particularly flutter. Flutter is caused a distinct circuit in the heart.  Without this circuit, there is no flutter.  Unless the heart itself is disturbed, I can't see how it could cause flutter.  It could be that the circuit is there and some drugs pushd it over the edge.

If the leads were changed at the same time, all bets are off. This would disturb the heart tissue.  In this case, who knows what would happen.  It's not uncommon but is usually short-lived. 

Don't panic.  Yeah, it can feel miserable but your doctor is right.  It's not dangerous. The deep breath thing may be anxiety or pain from the generator change. If your doctors know about it, there is little reason to be concerned. 

At this point, the biggest worry isn't AF/AFL, rather infection.  Make sure you follow directoins, here.

Atrial flutter

by Selwyn - 2021-12-19 13:28:49

Believe me atrial flutter comes and goes. It is associated with cardiac stress and therefore any stress.

I recently had a month of flutter ( and I have had an ablation for flutter) after Covid. I was listed for a further ablation.  Luckily, I had some further stress ( the grandchildren came to stay with us for a week!) and this reverted me back to sinus, paced, rhythm. 

Flutter comes and goes. Any stress can cause flutter as, lets face it, stress increases the production or adrenaline (epinephrine) and therefore the potential of a cardiac arrhythmia.  Having a generator change is after all a stress.   Flutter can be associated with a feeling of heaviness in the chest, difficulty in breathing deeply and shortness of breath- all very similar to symptoms of anxiety. 

Some rest and relaxation may help you gain sinus rhythm. I should hire out the grandchildren!

Atrial flutter

by JanineL - 2021-12-19 15:05:52

Thanks. Your comments have put me a little more at ease. I didn't not have a lead change, but I did feel the pulling on them as they changed out the generator. I was awake during the procedure. I am fairly certain I will ask to be knocked out for the next. I know myself enough to know I can get anxious. I was pretty calm going into at as it was this it well I knew I'd be 6 feet under come February. I was pretty scared in the events after the procedure and I assume that most of what is lingering with me. I am hoping that as I heal more and feel the pacer incision less, my anxiety will ease. I am on a beta blocker and a slowing if my heart meds, that my doctor said do not Google, so I'm gonna but my faith in him that they will work. He is hoping to only have me on them a month. I am hoping too. I went in with just a little norvasc daily and left with 2 more meds. 

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