Hi All

Not been on here for ages. Anyone still about from when I was?




by Persephone - 2021-12-18 14:32:14

Hi Ronaldo - looks like you first posted about 6 years ago, from what I can tell - I think this was the first time I used the member look-up function.  I started hanging around here ~4 yrs ago, but didn't contribute much until a bit later.  Are you up for device replacement soon or is the battery still going strong for you?  I hope all is well with you.

Hello Ronaldo

by Gemita - 2021-12-18 19:43:16

Well who was on here when you were Ronaldo.  Care to share a few more names with us?  Shall I start by saying Tattoo Man, Ian MC, Tracey_E who will be known to you are still posting here.  Like Persephone, I am a relative newcomer, started logging on in early 2018 and have made many friends.

If you really want to know who is still around, how about coming to see us more frequently and sharing your experience?  Hopefully all is well with you?


by Tracey_E - 2021-12-19 21:42:26

I'm still here! How ya been?

Hi Ronaldo

by IAN MC - 2021-12-20 06:38:45

I'm still alive I think..


Hi All

by Ronaldo - 2021-12-25 20:31:53

Yes, I remember those names very well.

Persiphone, I actually joined in 2009 but my postings from around that time got lost. My account had to be reset.

So, a quick reminder and an update. Had PM put in 2009 for Sick Sinus Syndrome because I fainted basically. It was as a precaution if my HR dropped below a certain number of beats. By default it was initially set at 60 bpm.

After many years it was not being used at all. The tecnician reduced the lower rate to 50 bpm, then 40 bpm. Finally, it was reduced to 35 bpm before it would kick in. This was over the period of about a year.

They then took a full years worth of data with my PM essentially switched of. It was not being used. I then got informed that I didn't need a PM, which was good. They informed me that if I had presented with the symptoms I had in 2009 now, they would not fit a PM.

I saw the consultant and was given 3 options....

PM and leads removed

PM removed and leads tied off

Replacement PM on the same settings, 35 bpm.

After discussion I was too scared to have the lead extraction. I eventually went for the replacement PM which I had done a week ago. My first PM lasted me from 2009 to 2021, 12.5 years. The battery still had 2 years on it but they went by the minimum figure which was 4 months. With it now being virtually switched off, I should get many more than 12.5 years on this new one.

There you go, I am up to date on here.

I remember very well Tracey E, Ian MC and of course the Tattoo Man. All helped or offered me advice in the early days for which I am still thankful.

Unfortunately as my early posts were deleted I can't check back for other names.

Nice to meet you Gemita

Other names

by Ronaldo - 2021-12-25 20:35:20

CabG Patch and London Andy I remembered. Also a lady who always posted with a name beginning G?

Thank you for the update

by Gemita - 2021-12-26 03:06:47

Ronaldo, wow that is quite a tale.  Really worrying that you have gone through all this for possibly nothing, but that is the nature of electrical disturbances.  They can come and go, stop completely, then return and become persistent or even permanent.  There is just no way of predicting sometimes which way it will go and you might find you will one day be pleased you have the support of a pacemaker.  

I also have Sick Sinus Syndrome and a history of syncope, but I use my atrial lead almost 100% with my current base rate settings, although minimally paced in right ventricle.  I have difficulty keeping my heart rate up and at a level that I feel comfortable with, so being paced at 70 bpm 24/7 suits me.

London Andy and CabG Patch I have seen post a few times. Please stick around more and help our newcomers through their teething problems.  

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