Shockwave Tissue Regeneration Therapy with a PM?

Hello everyone,

As part of my journey to find some answers to my vision/motion issues, I have started to see a chiropractor for daily adjustments and some other fun exercises and movements. 

One of the most recent therapies that they started on me was shockwave tissue regeneration to my neck and upper shoulders. I explained to them that I had a PM recently implanted and they didn't seem too concerned. I've never heard of this treatment before until now, so I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting myself into until I had my first treatment.

After experiencing it, I can say that it doesn't hurt and I feel fine at the moment, but it was definitely intense and felt like something that I should have maybe held off on until I got the OK from my cardiologists? I just sent them a note (explaining how I was dumb to just assume and take the chiro's word for it, but wanted to confirm that I am not doing any damage by continuing this treatment).

I figured I would reach out and ask all of you if you have ever heard of said treatment and if so, have you had it or do you know if it is generally OK with people with PMs? I didn't realize how intense the "waves" would be as they sent what felt like was little electrical charges throughout the body. Again, the reassured me that it was nothing electrical and that I am going to be fine, but it did feel a little eye-opening.

I hope that it was fine and continues to be fine and that I didn't potentially put my PM at risk.

Take care




by Tracey_E - 2021-12-10 15:54:22

I would run it by your cardiologist first, then the manufacturer. Therapies that use waves like estim can be done on the extremeties but it's not recommended on the torso, particularly not right by your pacer. I've had shock wave therapy on my foot, but not sure if it's the same thing you're talking about. Not painful but intense is a good way to describe it, tho! It was done by the podiatrist who called my cardiologist to be sure it was ok. Cardio's response was the foot was fine because it's nowhere near my pacer. 

I'm a little concerned that the chiropractor wrote off the pacer so quickly. That's a red flag to me. (this coming from someone who is a big fan of chiropractors in general, I just saw mine yesterday)

Yes I too would wait

by Gemita - 2021-12-11 05:51:47

Hello Jer,

With your complex range of symptoms, particularly as you are still looking for a definitive diagnosis, arranging targeted treatment without a firm diagnosis should ideally be managed by your general practitioner who could co-ordinate your care and be responsible for liaising with other health professionals as to the safety of any treatment.  Shockwave therapy I have read is a procedure where sound waves of energy are passed through the skin to the injured part of the body using a special device. The shockwaves are mechanical and not electric and work by increasing blood flow to the injured area. This accelerates the body’s healing process.

Indications for shockwave therapy are quite specific and usually require some form of imaging to confirm the diagnosis prior to treatment.  The presence of a Cardiac pacemaker would appear to be a contraindication Jer.

I do not know whether you have found your own chiropractor or have been referred by your GP to a reputable practice and whether your GP has sent all your relevant medical history to this chiropractor?  This ideally should have happened before any treatment was started.  If this hasn’t happened, a good chiropractor I imagine, would have contacted your medical team, particularly your heart device team and/or device manufacturer for advice and guidance on your health condition which led to your pacemaker and what precautions need to be taken with your current treatment.  Personally I would put everything on hold until you find out whether shockwave therapy can be safely given.  You don’t want to wake up with additional symptoms and have to make numerous settings adjustments if this treatment causes disruption to the function of your device.  Ideally I would delay doing anything until you have spoken to your Neurologist also. I see your appointment is coming up before Christmas.

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