nose bleeds

What happens if you have a nose bleed while on blood thinner, how serious is it.  I am not on bblood thinners at the moment.  Do have a pacemaker.

they did cauterize the inside of the nostril with Silver Nitrate, this morning.

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by AgentX86 - 2021-12-03 23:55:21

Probably not serious but it will bleed more than otherwise.  Cauterizing it won't be any different.  It should still work.  In any case, it will just take a little longer.  With the NOACs I haven't noticed much difference except with minor cuts, on the order of paper cuts.  These small cuts bleed a little longer and more easily after the NOAC.  I don't notice any difference with more major cuts. Warfarin wasn't so fun though. Hate the stuff.

When I was a kid, I had nose bleeds quite often (any fight ;).  Finally, it wouldn't stop.  They cauterized it by putting something (maybe silver nitrate but I don't think so) and packed my nose with cotton for a week, as I recall.  The doctor said it would irritate the artery and it would shiut it off causing collateral arteries to take up the slack.  I haven't had a nose bleed (other than a little during a severe head cold) since.  Perhaps they can do something like this before you have any trouble.

nose bleeds

by new to pace.... - 2021-12-04 06:28:45

Thank you AgentX86 for your answer.  Hope to see the ENT dr . this coming week. 

   I know in the cooler weather should put vaseline in nostrils to keep them moist in this dry air.  Did not realize the was dry already.

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by Marybird - 2021-12-04 12:49:23

I tend to get nosebleeds sometimes, from my right nostril, usually as mentioned when the weather's dry, sometimes when the sinuses are acting up or I have a cold, I don't know, randomly. They range anywhere from just a few drops of blood to lasting about 10-15 minutes ( not too many, fortunately) before they stop.

I've never done anything except to maintain firm pressure on that side of my nose with my finger, until the bleeding stops. The end is signalled by formation of a humogous clot which I either spit out as it slides down my throat or I swallow it. 

I do take Eliquis, and honestly I can't say overall  it's made much difference in either the frequency or the length of time the nosebleeds last. The clot still forms as it did before- might be a tad less "solid", but it seems to still do its job.

The only difference I notice with the Eliquis is more bleeding from cuts or nicks, but pressure on those works well to stop that. 

nose bleeds clot

by new to pace.... - 2021-12-04 17:17:46

thanks Marybird did notice the clot you mentioned came out of the kleenex.  Suspect i should not swallow  as have shoulder replacement.  Before having my teeth cleaned take 4 antibotic's for the swallowing of blood.

Glad to know that Eliqus does not cause more bleeding.  

Have not had one of these in a long time certainly before pacemaker which was in Aug.2019.

I just panicked, did drive myself to ER with kleenex dangling out of each nostril.  Valet person was about to ask me then looked and said nose bleed.  Yes i said.  He said put my van next to the other car in the parking lot and put my handicap tag up..   Hospital staff was surprised that i  did not use valet, I said no one offered.  Told me that someone was out there.  After was given a wheelchair ride to my van. 

Haven’t Noticed A Difference

by MinimeJer05 - 2021-12-05 01:34:53


When I was a teenager living with my parents, I moved down into the dryest basement of all time. I went from never having a nosebleed in my life to getting them multiple times a week. Usually in the shower, which wasn't too bad to clean off, but quite a few times in less than desirable places (in the middle of a movie at the theater, at school, while out to eat with friends, etc). It got to the point of ALWAYS carrying napkins and Kleenex in my pockets and jackets because I'd had a few times where it came out of nowhere and all I had was the sleeve of my hoodie. 

Mine were terrible too -- always the ones that lasted 15-20 mins and just kept flowing and flowing. When I moved out and got my own places, the nosebleeds mostly stopped. Maybe a few a year but mostly always during the shower. Or if I really shook my head about and whacked my nose. 

I was switched to Warfarin in 2019 because of my mechanical valve implant and have noticed sometimes cuts can bleed a bit more and for longer, but mostly no change. Oddly enough, I got a bloody nose last week while brushing my teeth and was terrified that it wouldn't stop. But it did the usual, 10-15 mins and then stopped. Nothing special or different because of the meds. 

I've started to put Vaseline under my nose to keep things moist. It's super dry in MN right now (my knuckles are practically bleeding) so I figured I'd best stay protected -- but I wouldn't worry. I'd say anytging consistently flowing after 30 mins with no noticeable slow down or decrease would be cause for a trip to the ER. Otherwise, nothing to worry about. 

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