Covid Vaccine


I was wondering if anyone else may have experience changes in their hearts after getting their two Covid vaccinations.  I went in for my 6 month check up with cardio doctor and when he looked at my echo he said he was concerned to see my right side severly enlarged.  Up to the point I have had a complete heart block due to Sarcoidois in my heart and all LV problems.  I have read how some younger people are having heart issues after the vaccine.  I go to see him again this month and I'm very curious to see if my right side has gotten back to normal.  I was reading the end of life posts and figure it changes due to the use our heart has from day to day.  I'm nearing my time with my 3rd pace maker CRT.  It seems you almost have to wail until the pacemaker starts peeping to get a date to change it out.  I go to Duke in Durham NC, so I trust I'm in good hands.  Just wanted to ask about vaccine.


Covid Vaccine

by Gemita - 2021-11-23 05:52:03

Hello DMJ,

All you can do is to be guided by your health care team as to the safety of the vaccine for your particular heart condition(s).  We know only too well the dangers of becoming ill with Coronavirus, although we still do not know the potential long term effects following any infection.  I am still suffering from long Covid symptoms (since April 2020) and they can be debilitating.

I have had my booster vaccine (3rd dose Pfizer) and so has my husband.  At 73 and 83 yrs neither of us suffered any heart symptoms following our third (booster) dose, although after each of my first two doses I did experience increased, troublesome arrhythmias for several days which needed treating with beta blockers but no heart inflammation or enlargement as far as I know.

On your CRT device replacement, if your symptoms are troublesome I would speak to your care team about an early replacement.  I note you have confidence in your team so they will want to help you as early as possible.  

I hope your symptoms improve and you stay safe.  I have attached a link on Sarcoidosis and Covid vaccine which might be helpful

Vaccine and cardiomyopathy

by AgentX86 - 2021-11-23 13:17:18

There have been many cases of pericarditis and myocarditis connected to the covid vaccines.  Myocarditis is a cause of cardiomyopathy, so... 

It seems that the myacaritis is caused by a strong immune response which, AIUI, causes something like an autoimmune reaction.

There have been multiple cases of this reported but it's not a high percentage, which doesn't help you.  It seems that you drew the short straw.  There a therapies for this and your cardiologist will be on top of it.  You're going to the right place for treatment (large teaching hospital) and the prognosis should be good.

I don't (but who am I?) see a reason to change your PM now.  I'd think it would be counterproductive to just swap it for another similar box until it goes EOL.  An upgrade to a CRT pacemaker might help but, again, I'm no P.

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