For those of you who dont know it was reported by Reuters that a study at the Cardiovascular Institute at Michigan State University of the effects of IPODS on pacemakers concluded the following. In most cases an APPLE IPOD held within 50mm of the pacemaker for 5-10 seconds interfered with its functioning. Interference was detected also at 450mm. In one case a pacemaker stopped fuctioning altogether. No other IPODS were tested. But we must conclude from this study that we should not buy or use an IPOD.Its far too risky. Peter


Maybe caution

by GN - 2008-01-15 01:01:17

Peter - I think maybe caution is needed when delivering such a message to some vulnerable members that are registered here, me being one of them, I've used one for the past 6 days non-stop, even getting myself off to sleep and have had no issues at all. Studies like these and the results that follow are meant as a guide unless your manufacturer has specifically written to you or release a statement. Thanks for the posting.

Mass Hysteria

by dward - 2008-01-15 02:01:02

I agree with Gary.
While informing people about possible affects or interference of a product is very good, I would be careful about drawing conclusions too quickly.
I too use an IPOD NANO, but (because of the research) I make sure i keep it in my right lower pocket or on my belt. This way, it is safely away from my PM.
You also need to consider how old the PM was that was affected in the study. If it was an older one, that may explain why it was seeing interference at 450mm.
ALSO - For a PM to stop functioning all together because of an Ipod doesn't sound right to me. Not sating it didn;t happen, but we all know there are things out there that we are warned to avoid because of possible interference, but to shut down your PM totally??? Hmmmn.
If you look at a cell phone's tech specs. vs and iPod's, you will see that a cell phone transmits and receives much stronger RF waves at a broder range than ANY ipod or MP3 Player - yet (with newer PMs) we are told to simply use a cell phone on the opposite ear than you PM. This is what I do and again, no problem.
AGAIN I AGREE WITH GARY - use these studies as a guide. If you have any concerns, ask your Doctor or PM Tech.

Just be Cautious

by Angrevwilliams - 2008-01-15 10:01:50

I actually went to High School with the boy who discovered this (he was several years younger) and now I am at Michigan State University. His dad is a cardiovascular doctor so I know he helped him with his findings.
I have had an ipod for about 3 years and have never had a noticeable side affect from it. I think the point to stress is not to hold it near your pacemaker. If you are wearing a shirt with a pocket on the left side don’t put in there obviously. So the message to take is be cautious of the side affect but I don’t think we need to stop using them all together.


by ElectricFrank - 2008-01-16 02:01:11

The reported "study" sounds more like an uncontrolled experiment to me. I don't have an IPod, but I don't think it has a loud speaker does it? As remember it is used with head phones so there wouldn't be a magnet in it. As dward mentioned, a cell phone radiates a much stronger signal than the IPod could possibly generate and by the way the cell phone only has to be on, but not making a call.
I am an electronic engineer and work with all sorts of electronic equipment capable of large fields and have never had a problem with my Medtronic Kappa 701. I've even used a 5 watt handheld CB transmitter on my left ear. I have AV block and if the pacer acted up I would know about HR drops to 35 with the pacer off.



by Susan - 2008-01-16 11:01:14

I have a ipod nano that I wear on a leather stap that goes over my head so it hangs about chest high when I work out. I have been doing this for approximately one year. I am pacemaker dependent. I have had no problems.
I have a St. Jude pacemaker and I contacted St. Jude via email and asked them about their experience with ipods and potential problems. They said they have done their own research and no problems were evident. They pointed out that the article being discussed did not mention what brand of pacemaker they were testing.


by heckboy - 2008-01-28 09:01:17

I have an iPhone and while no interference has been detected in my checkups, this doesn't surprise me as it causes my speakers to buzz from across the room when connecting.

Where is the warning in the packaging? I need a PDA like device because of my work and wonder if there is a better choice out there.

No problems with my iPod

by kmcgrath - 2008-03-13 12:03:26

I use an iPod all the time & I have not experienced any problems with it toward my Medtronic ICD which was implanted in April of 2007. Sometimes I forget & put the iPod in either my left shirt pocket or the left inside pocket of my jacket, but even then no iPod related interference incidents to report. The only problem I can remember was when I help my laptop up close to the ICD on time and I felt "something" that went away as soon as I lowered the laptop away.

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