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Hi all 

had my AV node ablation operation yesterday the surgeon said it was textbook and my ejection fraction went back up , I have to rest now because of wounds in groin but I feel really good, talking to the surgeon he put my mind at rest about a lot of things I.e mobile phones , power tools etc just shows you can't believe what you read on the net , hopefully this should sort out a lot of problems I've had for years 

yours Haz


So good to hear your news Haz

by Gemita - 2021-11-10 10:25:50

Your ejection fraction already going up is incredible and I am so glad your surgeon has been able to reassure you on so many fronts.  The procedure clearly went well and no doubt was over quickly.   It just shows you how detrimental AF can be to our hearts and how it may lead to heart failure by pushing the ventricles too hard when we cannot control the rate.  

Thank you Haz for your message.  It has made my day.  When you are recovered, please let us know how you are, what meds you are on, any symptoms and so on.  


AV ablation

by AgentX86 - 2021-11-10 22:54:28

Yes, please let is know how you're doing as you move on.  It will give others more information.

Your leg has probably already healed enough to be out and about.  I've had a number of ablations and was always walking within hours of the surgery.  Lifting is a big no-no for a while though.


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