Pacemaker Medical Alert ID Bracelet or Necklace

Hello Everyone,  A friend of mine mentioned I should get a Medical Alert ID Bracelet or Necklace to wear in case of an emergency and I cannot speak so EMS will see that I have a pacemaker.    Are there specific Medicail Alert ID's for pacemakers?  Do I ask my Doctor's office?  Maybe they have to write a prescription for it and then it might be covered by insurance in New York State?   Or is it something you have to buy on your own and if so does it matter where you get it?  When I searched for Medical Alert ID's a tone of places came up.  I even saw silicone ones on Amazon.  Does it really matter what you get?   Thanks....Sharon


Medic Alert Bracelet/Necklace

by Marybird - 2021-11-08 10:58:40

These are not prescription items, insurance won't cover them, you buy them on your own if you want one. It doesn't matter which one you get. 

It really is a matter of personal preference,  proponents of the alert jewelry say such items would alert EMS personnel to a patient's inplanted device, or medical conditions in the event the patient can't speak for him/herself. I can see the wisdom of that, in particular in the case where a patient has medical conditions that might affect what's going on in a trauma situation where the person is severely injured or that the personnel should be aware of.

Personally, I have never wanted to wear alert-type jewelry, though sometimes I wonder about it, not for my pacemaker, but for the Eliquis ( anticoagulant) I take. Haven't gotten one, though. I really just don't want it. 

Medic alrrt

by AgentX86 - 2021-11-08 11:07:18

I wear both dog tags and a bracelet. They've been used. When I has a seizure and still paralyzed but had regained consciousness I heard the EMTs talk about the tag a d tell the other that I had a PM. Won't leave home without them (though because I'm *still* healing from a broken arm in July, I don't wear the bracelet now).

I think it's American Medical or something something like that, that I first used but "StickyJ" is a lot cheaper for exactly the same stuff. They sometimes have some big sales.

Edit: Yes, drugs are another good idea. I have Eliquis and my anticonvulsant on my tag. None of the other drugs I take would be relevant in an emergency. I also have. My wife's phone number on it and other information as it fits.

I have one

by TLee - 2021-11-08 11:46:56

Actually, I have several bracelets. Some I got more as fashion accessories on amazon or the like. I got one to match my watch, one because the chain was cute, as you do! The one I wear all the time has the most complete information, and because I purchased it through MedicAlert, if anyone wanted to bother, they could call them with my ID # & get a full list of conditions medications, doctors etc. My main thought on getting an ID was that, even though I don't travel a lot, I do make the 5-hour drive to see my daughter every couple of months, and what if I was in a serious accident? Then again, I could pass out in the grocery store and be in a similar situation. I think it is an additional layer of peace of mind. Call me paranoid, but I also carry a small case that contains insurance & medical info in my purse. I mean, think of all the questions that they ask you when you go to the hospital, and then think, what if I can't answer? But I do happen to love jewelry too! 

Medical Alert

by disneyfan - 2021-11-08 11:51:48

Thank you to Marybird, AgentX86 & TLee for your comments.  I found them all helpful. I appreciate the quick repsonse too!  You are all wonderful!  Thanks....Sharon

One more thing...

by AgentX86 - 2021-11-08 17:18:16

StickeyJ also has an aluminum wallet card, the size and thickness a credit card.  You can have it engraved with a lot more information than can be put on jewlery (8 lines of 50 characters each). I have a red one (can't miss it) that I keep in front of my PM card (which I've found to be useless).


sos talisman

by cardifflass - 2021-11-10 07:12:04

Bit late to the party - sorry!

I got an SOS talisman bracelet.  They are available in the US.  The locket part has a folded piece of paper to write phone numbers and medications etc. My mum had one on a chain as she had a pacemaker as well.  They come in various designs and qualitites.  

I actually got mine from Amazon, the cost, along with some spare papers and postage was less than from the company and I must say i found their UK website not very user friendly.

I got a plain one and had my local shoe repair shop engrave 'pace maker' on the plain side.

Suits me, especially as my meds changed a bit at the beginning.  

The medic alert has an annual subscription but I didn't want to go that far.


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