sensation on face and chest...

Hello, I had my pace Maker putinin July of this year.... before the surgery, Ihad dizzyness, light headedness and I had passed out several times.... The last time I passed out I wound up inintensive care with very low heart rate.. I had a complete blockage of my branch bundle, the heart was not gettingit's electro signals at all.... after the pace maker, I felt much better and the dizzyness and light headedness stopped... 2 weeks ago, I noticed I felt some slight light headedness on occasions... I also felt a slight sensation onmy neck starting almost at the pace maker, this sensation continoued up to my lower left cheek and lower ear area... it is ever so slight of a faint pulling sensation... It almost feels like you would have brushed against a spider web, or like a long hair stuck to your face... I keep wiping my face with my hand like something is touching me... Sometimes is slightly stronger than other times... I noticed if I bend over it happens more... but it seems to start at the corner of the pace maker and travels up... I contacted my doctor today...waiting for a reply.... I was thinking in my head maybe it's a damaged lead and what I'm feeling is low voltage from the Pace Maker? Anyone had the problem or feeling?


Pulling sensation

by Gotrhythm - 2021-11-08 12:39:22

When the surgeon makes the "pocket" under the skin, lots of tiny nerves are cut. What you are probably feeling is the nerves regenerating. Even after the wound is closed, healing still goes on inside for months or longer, so you may feel odd sensations--itching, crawling, pulling, tiny stings, etc. for a while.

They are nothing to worry about and will go away in time. If the feeling is distressing to you, try putting some ice on the area for a few minutes


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