Dull ache around heart area

Ive had a pacemaker since the age of 14, im now 26 and had it changed two / three times. Im half way through this "cycle" but recently ive been getting a dull ache around by my heart, its quite hard to explain but it is quite a bad pain that last usually for about 10/15 mins, it seems to be getting more regular. I first thought it was happening due to sleeping awkwardly but now im thinking it isnt. Had it checked a few weeks back and mentioned it and they said it seemed normal but as i say is getting more regular usually 2x a day. Has anyone else experienced this? Should i get seen? Thanks




Dull ache

by Old male - 2021-10-31 23:25:15

Possible angina symptom......at least it was for me at the beginning of heart problems long ago.  Believe I would get Cardiologist Appt. soon.  My wife has had similar symptoms several times and each has been determined esophagus issue after ruling out heart related.

who to ask

by Tracey_E - 2021-11-01 10:23:45

I would go past the pacer techs and nurses and get to the doctor. You also might want to see your GP, it could be something not cardiac. 

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