Diabetes has resolved!

About the same time (2 years ago) that I started having fatigue and bradycardia I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I worked hard at controlling calories and carbs, lost nearly 70 pounds and was able to keep my HgbA1c at 5.4 (just barely out of diagnostic range for diabetes). I had my pacemaker put in on July 30th of this year and my blood sugar has been normal ever since. I've eaten a piece of REAL pumpkin pie, had bread a few times and still blood sugar is normal. My HgbA1c is 4.9--perfect! SO my question is has anyone else had improvement of diabetes or other chronic condition with pacemaker implant?


Really well done

by Gemita - 2021-10-31 14:39:38


My husband didn’t notice an improvement in his Type 2 Diabetes/HbA1c levels until he started insulin injections last year. Now we have got him back to normal but it has been hard work.  His implant was in 2018.  I have just asked my husband what has improved with his pacemaker and he answered "nothing".  Sad, but I think he is having a bad day.

It could be in your case that with treatment for your fatigue and bradycardia (the pacemaker) you were able to exercise more and burn more calories to keep your glucose levels normal.

I am delighted though that you have had such a noticeable improvement with your pacemaker.  What medication are you on and have you had any changes to your medication?   Great news.  and you deserve to be where you are.  


by Marybird - 2021-10-31 14:58:55

Manu, that's great news. Seems your pacemaker has given you enough energy back to exercise and make the other lifestyle changes you needed to get your diabetes under good control. Hopefully you're on the track to maintaining your good health for a long time to come.

Now that you mention it, we have a friend who received a pacemaker when he was hospitalized last summer with a severe case of covid. They noticed he was having numerous arrhythmic incidents, including severe bradycardia. He got better, and said he felt better than he had in years after he got the pacemaker. He had enough energy and motivation to start walking, and other exercise, and went on to lose about 60 pounds. He's diabetic, and the weight loss, better diet and exercise have enabled him to gain better control of his glucose levels. 

Blood glucose

by Persephone - 2021-10-31 19:23:52

Thanks for sharing your great story, Manu - this is wonderful news.  The first time I became aware of any blood glucose problems myself was when I was in the ER awaiting my PM implant and I have myself wondered about the connection - many other indicators were all over the place as well given the extensive lab testing that was done several times while I was hospitalized.  Levels are looking OKish now, 3.5 years out. Best wishes for continued good health.

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