Covid Vaccine

Has anyone experienced any side effects who have Bradycardia and and a dual lead pacemaker after having either of the two vaccines? Job has mandated that all employees have to be vaccinated by December 8th 2021. Tried applying for a waiver but it appears that no cardiologist or care physician will touch the subject for fear of reprisal from the medical field. Please share thoughts or concerns.  Thanks


pacing and the vaccine

by Tracey_E - 2021-10-26 14:25:22

There is nothing about having a heart condition or being paced  is a reason not to get the vaccine. Just the opposite, it was reason enough for my doctor to get me one early with the high risk group because having the heart condition makes us more vulnerable. 

Vaccine and peace of mind

by Julros - 2021-10-26 15:50:10

As I posted on another thread, and as Tracey posted, having a pacer is not a reason to forego the vaccine. I have a 3 lead pacer for bradycardia, got vaccinated last January and February, and just got my booster today. My local hospital has a record number of COVID patients, 90% of them unvaccinated. And you know who is not hospitalized? This girl. 

I sincerely doubt your cardiologist fears reprisal from the medical field. More likely he fears having to see you on a ventilator. 

I am floored that you would ignore sound medical advice and ask anonymous people on the internet for comment. But you do you. 

Monkeyman ?

by IAN MC - 2021-10-26 16:35:00

You must explain ..... why on earth did  you want a waiver from the Covid vaccination ?   I suspect that you have been exposed to, ( and believed ) some misinformation about having a pacemaker .

If I sound a little impatient with your nonsense it is because I have not had a good day. This afternoon I attended the funeral of a close friend aged 64 who died from Covid. He had vaccine concerns which none of us could identify with and kept putting off being vaccinated.

Why don't you listen to your doctors, to Tracey and to Julros and get vaccinated as soon as you can before your December 8th deadline ?



by new to pace.... - 2021-10-26 17:13:57

i have had the first 2 and then the booster this past weekend.  I normally do not get any other vaccines.  This one scared me enough to get all that i am allowed.  

 This booster gave me some reactions but none serious that i could not function over in 2 days.  See my post below  with other comments.

new to pace

Results Vary

by Marybird - 2021-10-26 17:40:57

Lots of folks here, and out there with pacemakers and bradycardia (among other arrthymias) who've received their covid vaccines (including myself) and I haven't heard of serious negative effects from anybody in that group in particular. We do have one friend who got a serious case of covid, was hospitalized, and during that time they discovered his bradycardia/arrhthymias and he got a pacemaker at that point. Hard to tell if his brady was associated with the covid or he had it before hand but he's doing very well at this point and is putting us all to shame with his energy levels and go-gettum attitude post pacemaker. He got over the covid and is real happy he got the pacemaker, he's lost weight and says he feels better than he had in years.

I very well understand the reluctance of those who choose not to get the vaccines, and have to give someone who feels this way the benefit of the doubt as to their reasons, and I can't judge them either way. I'm even more sympathetic to those who stand to lose their jobs over not getting a covid vaccine, that's just wrong for so many reasons.

That said, I believe it's a matter between a person and his/her health care provider, and Monkeyman, an honest assessment from your provider regarding your overall health status, including indications for or against the covid vaccines would be much more productive than "shopping around" for a cardiologist or doctor who will write you a waiver. Hopefully that's not what you're doing, I can't see that being very successful.

Ian, I'm sorry for your loss of your friend, but guess I could counter the excuse you offer for your harsh response to the OP with my own sorrowful experience regarding the effectiveness of covid vaccines.....

Tomorrow my husband and I will be attending the funeral of a friend who also died of covid. This after he received his third Pfizer booster vaccine perhaps a month ago. In his case I doubt he had much of an immune system to work with, he was battling cancer, had COPD and had gotten a serious sinus infection that spread to cellulitis around his eye and cheek. He improved, was discharged, became ill with covid ( they figured he got it in the hospital), was admitted, treated for 5 days, got better, was discharged, became ill again, was readmitted, got worse, admitted to ICU and placed on ventilator and died two days later. Covid, they said.

He's the third person we know who got covid after being vaccinated, fortunately, the other two got better. Point is, being vaccinated for covid carries no guarantees.



by 2021Micra - 2021-10-27 00:32:43

I’ve had a pacemaker for about three months now and was very happy to have a place to learn what other people with pacemakers have been going through.  However, thanks to people like Julros, and Ian MC, I’ve decided this site is becoming just another Facebook, a place where a person can’t have a concern or a question without being belittled and called names.  Julros, why would you question what he told you about his cardiologist and reprisals?  In our state, there are real fears of reprisals.  And to Ian MC, my question to you is, why “must” anyone explain why they want a waiver from the Covid vaccination?   And not having a had a good day, is a poor excuse for your behavior.  But thanks, Marybird for not judging.  We need more people like you in this world. 

I may be a little prejudiced

by Julros - 2021-10-27 01:48:12

Hi 2021 Micra,

Yes perhaps my outlook is colored by my job as a public health nurse and I see hospitals overwhelmed with COVID patients who chose not to vaccinate. Mea culpa. 

The original poster asked us to share thoughts and concerns, which I did. I think that everyone who is not allergic to the vaccine should recieve one. My concern is that unvaccinated people who contract the illness will become seriously ill, and suffer long term consequences or die. 


vaccine no problem

by Judy28 - 2021-10-27 21:35:38

I had a dual pacemaker fitted this year. 40 bpm was my normal heart rate  with occasional bouts of skipped beats.But then last year. I started getting occasional very fast beats up to 170. Had the dual pacemaker fitted this year.

 I've had both pfizer vaccines and the booster. Absolutely no problem with any of them. Not even a sore arm .

COVID Vaccine Data

by Stache - 2021-10-28 00:28:53

Eight months ago I went into cardiac arrest (died) and revived I now have a dual-chamber pacer.  I' am taking 5-different meds and my cardiac doctor advised me not to get a COVID shot as there was not enough information about the reaction with my meds.  My HMO is pushing COVID shots and my doctor is being pressured to tell me to get the shot against his better judgment.  

I follow facts when I can find them on COVID and the reactions other countries have posted that are not being released here in the U.S.  I have a great concern about the COVID vaccine and my meds.  I am not against vaccines as a world traveler and have a huge shot record.  However, the COVID vaccine has some side effects that react with my blood thinners.

I am not a fan of mandates as this is a personal decision for me and my family to make.  There is a risk factor for me taking a COVID shot I am not comfortable with as the data or lack of is the big unknown.  The vaccine may be okay for some people but it should not be mandatory or should be forced on anyone.

I can read and understand the medical data the same as my doctor, I don’t want to put him or his family in a position that affects his job.  That is just wrong.  I don’t want this forum to become a FaceBook site of attacking each other either as there is a lot of good data to be found here.  I don’t want opinions either I just want the facts to make the best decisions to keep me alive for my family.


by IAN MC - 2021-10-28 07:40:45

There is not much data regarding Covid vaccines and drug interactions. It  is a subject that interests me as I was a research chemist in the pharmaceutical industry for  quite a few years.

It  seems to me that :-

- the most commonly prescribed drugs .....e.g  those for high blood pressure / statins / asthma  and diabetes drugs ... will all have featured in vaccine clinical trials and present no problems whatsoever.

- immuno-suppressive drugs as  used in cancer therapies etc may decrease the immune response created by the vaccine.

-  blood thinners , if well-managed , aren't really a problem although you may get  an increase in bruising. I am on apixaban myself and  the doctor simply kept his finger pressure on the injection site a little longer than usual .Sometimes they use a narrower gauge needle to minimise bleeding,

On vaccination days I decided to skip my morning dose of the blood-thinner but that was purely my decision !

If I had a history of blood-clots , which is an extremely rare adverse effect, I would still go ahead with vaccination but would probably avoid the Astra-Zeneca vaccine

You say you take 5 drugs. Are there any that concern you particularly in the context of being vaccinated ??

I would only be concerned if I had ever experienced a severe allergic reaction to ANY other drug ( or food, or insect-bite )



Stache Followup

by Stache - 2021-10-28 10:38:46

I am taking: Atorvastatin , Pradaxa, Logressor, Lisinooril, and Plavix.  I have found just a couple of studies from the U.K. and Norway that talk about the interaction with the COVID vaccine from large groups of people that had taken the shot.  What I have read is people in my condition that exercise a lot every day have lower risk factors with COVID.  I do exercise by walking a hour every morning and riding my bicycle 30 to 60 kilos every other day.  The way I live my life has lowered my risk factor of catching COVID I don't get colds or the flu. I do take zinc and Vitiam C every day.


by AgentX86 - 2021-10-28 12:42:43

Stache, I'm with you 100%, particularly your point about not releasing the data on reactions.  Information is king and they're stifling information.  I chose to be vaccinated but probably won't get the booster (on the fence but tilting). I'm on seven drugs  four of which are heart related.  I also take another half dozen or so prescribed suppliments.

It's strange that you're taking two anticoagulants (Pradaxa and Plavix). Were they prescribed by the same doctor?


by Gemita - 2021-10-28 16:45:21

My husband was actually on triple therapy at one time, prescribed by his cardiologist:  Apixaban (for AF), Clopidogrel (Plavix) and Aspirin for stent protection for three months following his stents, followed by Aspirin + Apixaban for 12 months, after which Aspirin was dropped.  He had quite a few minor bleeds.  I can see the potential for difficulties here and we really need better guidance on medication interaction prior to and following the vaccines for those on additional acute common therapy following stents for example and there are many of us.  I am thinking about doing a post partially on this and opening it up for further discussion although I think we have all got Covid fatigue

Anticoagulants and Anti-platelet Agents

by Marybird - 2021-10-28 19:22:37

I looked up the topic the other day, was just curious after I saw a comment somewhere about taking both an anticoagulation and an antiplatelet agent for afib. Didn't seem right to me,(what do I know, LOL)  but in reading a number of articles about it, it seems to me they do prescribe both, at least for a time, in patients who have afib who have also had heart attacks or coronary artery disease where stents have been placed- just as you said was done for your husband, Gemita. One article I read said this practice was "controversial" but I didn't see where they offered an alternative anticoagulation/antiplatelet or other regimen.

It seems to me the antiplatelet ( Plavix/clopidigrel) therapy is pretty standard after placement of stents and after a heart attack?

About the covid issues, I have to say I'm with you, Stache and Agent. The extreme politicization of everything related to covid has pretty much stomped out the hope of discovering any objective, trustworthy,  accurate information about the topic and put the kabosh on the fundamental rights of the individual to search and make educated healthcare decisions for himself regarding prevention, care, or treatment of this condition. And it's polarized the populace to the point where we see the arguments and name calling whenever the topic arises....  And it's sad.....but nuff said.

Stache, I think you're right on about maintaining your health with exercise playing a big part, in staving off the covid, or any bug for that matter. As for the meds, I also take some that you mention on your list, namely the anticoagulant (Eliquis here), a statin (simvastatin for me), the beta blocker ( metoprolol- the generic for Lopresser) and an ARB instead of an ace inhibitor ( that'd be losartan for me, instead of lisinopril). I haven't heard that any of these drugs would put me in any additional jeopardy from covid. Though my husband did make a comment the other day about the possibility that my losartan, being an ACE2-blocker, might give me some added protection against covid since the ACE2 receptors are what covid uses to gain entry to host cells. I'd read something about this while back, but have no idea if there's any truth to it.

Stache Meds Follow Up

by Stache - 2021-10-30 10:40:20

Yes, I am taking two anticoagulants (Pradaxa and Plavix) and they were prescribed by the same doctor.  The Pradaxa is only for the first year since I had two stents installed at the same time my pacer was inserted.  After 1-year I will be stopping the Pradaxa and returning to the baby aspirin.  That will be a huge saving in $$$.

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