G Force - V8 super cars

Hi All,

I hope everyone is happy and healthy. I just thought you guys would be the best person to ask. I am wanting to do a V8 Supercar hot lap around Mount Panorama New South Wales Australia.  The car will go up to 200km to 300 km an hour, it will pull two G's around corners.

I am 50 years old female,  100% paced, complete heart block,   leaking mitral valve and Hashimoto's disease . My cardiologist said I can jump out of an aeroplane. Boston said the pacemaker will be ok but if the leads break, Im stuffed. Its risk vs benefit.

What do you think, is it too much of a risk?  Should I do it? Would you do it?

Thanks in advance,



depends who you ask...

by Tracey_E - 2021-10-23 10:58:46

I'm 55, also 100% paced for CHB. My doctor has never given me any restrictions. He's fine with me doing Crossfit, kayaking and riding roller coasters. I rode the bobsled on an Olympic track that pulls 4G's. I would totally do the car. If I was closer, I would do it with you, sounds like a blast! :o) 

I have heard of people breaking leads and I've discussed it with my doctor. He basically said if it breaks, we'll fix it, but said he wasn't too worried about that happening. Yes, it's a small risk, and if it happened it would be a hassle, but I choose to live my life to the fullest and not waste time worrying. 

Caveat... if you have a lead that's less than a year old, better to wait a bit. 


by AgentX86 - 2021-10-23 21:35:27

2G sounds high for cornering force (the best street cars can do .6 to .8G and with super-sticky tires, perhaps 1G) but no matter.  I wouldn't worry about it unless you drive it into a wall (that'd be big G's ;-).  Leads are pretty tough and they're placed with a lot of slack so we can move around.  I'm also 100% paced with no backup. Sure, there is always a possibility of something bad happening but we don't come wrapped in bubble wrap. 

I was involved in a front-end car crash a few months back.  That's a lot more than 2Gs.  Sure, I was carted off the the ER but more because I'm on anticagulants than because of my PM.  They already had the radiologist there because they needed to take a picture (A-CAT) of my brain and xray my arm (EMT said "it's not supposed to look like that"), so why not the leads too.  The leads were fine, of course (I'm still here).

Short answer: go for it.

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