New Bruise

All of a sudden today a brusie or red blob showed up under left breast.

Hade PM installed two weeks ago today.

Sent to Cardiologist a picture just now, but it is night here, so will not hear back probably until tomorrow.

Surgeon did say something about blood settlng down below the incision, but this does not sound like what he meant

Has anyone else experienced something like this



good luck

by Tracey_E - 2021-10-22 08:37:38

Hopefully it's nothing but good idea to get it looked at! 

Followup on post

by mybossci - 2021-10-22 13:28:51

Thanks Tracey,

Did hear from cardiac nurse  just now and below is response.Does not look to be abnormal. And there are no other issues eg..pain or swelling.However, maybe if anyone else gets this in the future the post can help.


"It is not uncommon to have some bruising distal (away) from the pacemaker site as gravity does a fine job of causing the blood to pool downward. Are you experiencing any pain? Is there any new swelling from when you had your nurse check on the 12th?"

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