Had my 3rd ICD implanted in 2019 and recently underwent 3 heart procedures in the past 6 months. Today was an ICD check. The technician/RN Nurse turned up the ICD really high to the point I was begging her to stop it because I was getting so dizzy. The next thing I knew, she was shaking me asking me if I was okay. My head had fell backwards and hit the wall. It was obvious I had passed out and she tried to tell me I fell asleep. Knowing I could not have fallen asleep under such a painful situation of me begging her to stop, I told her I knew I passed out. I asked her what really happened and she said my heart skipped a beat. I responded I was sure I would not have passed out with missing just one beat. She conceded that maybe it was a couple of beats. She said she tried to turn off the test but my pacemaker didn't immediately start pacing. I have never in all my ICD tests over 13 years ever had this happen to me. I've never had any technician continue to turn up my pacemaker to such an extent. Not sure I'll ever be comfortable with having my ICD tested again in the future. Has anyone ever had a similar situation where they passed out during their ICD test?


No and...

by AgentX86 - 2021-10-19 20:17:54

I'd be talking to the supervising EP about it, and her!  There is no excuse for that.  I've felt faint  when they're looking for the bottom (ain't got one) but they're very careful and warn me about what's coming ahead of time.  I see no odds in turning up your PM/ICD until you lose consciousness.  That sounds dangerous.



by Persephone - 2021-10-20 20:46:06

Apologies - I inadvertently deleted my previous response. At any rate, to second Agent's response, this appears to be irresponsible or at a minimum questionable treatment, so please do complain to your medical practice.  I'm glad that you seem to have made it out OK physically, but certainly understand your concerns about future encounters.  Use whatever means you may have to communicate your concerns to your doctor.

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