Heart rate is not maxing out during exercise.

I had my second PM installed in March 2021.  

No issues until October 1st when my Apple Watch reported an average of 138 bpm.  That rate has declined since then and now when I run, my HR per my Apple Watch is averaging 132 +/- while my PM is set for a max HR of 150.

I went in and had the device checked and the tech said all was good.  He increased the response rate but I do not see how that would help.

I've run twice since then and my Apple Watch reports an avg of 132 with 137 the high for a very brief period.  I also had a PolarBeat Chest HR monitor on and it reported similar data.  I even jumped off the treadmill and measured my pulse with a Pulse Oximeter obtaining a value of 133.

Any ideas on why all my devices are reqistering 15% below max?


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by Tracey_E - 2021-10-15 18:13:49

Your profile doesn't say, why do you have the pacer?

If you are pacing atrial, then they might be able to make the rate response more aggressive so it gets higher. 

If you are pacing ventricle, then your own sinus rate is in control. All the pacer does is make sure the ventricles are keeping in sync with the atria.  

Do you feel ok when it happens? If you do, then don't worry about the numbers. 132 vs 138 isn't that much of a difference, statistically. 

Was the upper limit higher on your old one? If your max is 150, they won't want you getting much over 135-140 so there is always a cushion at the top end. A stress test is a good way to find out where your max should be. 


by rwatson22 - 2021-10-19 16:39:09

Sorry for the lack of information in my first post.  Hers's the resolution to my issue.

I am 100% paced.  In the past, my apple watch would display a rate close to if not right at 150 bpm.

Then early Oct 2021, it began showing the rate at 137, then over time, it moved down to 130 bpm.

I went to my Doctor and they put me on a treadmill and took data from my pacemaker as I ran.  Sure enough, it was only allowing 130 +/- bpm.

They said it was the Adaptive Response setting causing the issue.  They shut it off and my watch immediately began reporting the 150 rate.

Not sure if the adaptive response should have been on at all given my situation but, it seems, everything is back in order.



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