Strange happenings shortly after going to bed

I am wondering if anyone has had anything like this.  I did ask my cardiologist several years ago and he had no answer.

I'm 80 and function very well with a low ejection fraction following a massive MI six years ago.  (No pacemaker or ICD)

This thing I am about to explain happens only occasionally as it did even before my heart attack.

Generally this happens very shortly after I have gone to sleep and I am awakened (enough to be aware) of something happening, sometimes with some slight chest awareness but with legs becoming very cold.   Lasts probably less than a minute.

Once at least also my arms became cold. The coldness goes away as quickly as it happens.

My most recent experience was a few nights ago when I seemed to be having quick heart beats, but they were gentle, nothing like thumping.

I only ever asked the one doctor about this and it seems to me he should have known more.  Perhaps I did not explain it well, though think I did.  (I do have some suspicions.)

Any thoughts would be most welcome.  



Strang happenings….

by Adagietto - 2021-10-11 16:34:23

I should hve added that I did wear a 48-hour holter within the last year.  Nothing dangerous noted.


Happenings in bed

by AgentX86 - 2021-10-12 10:13:38

Did your symptoms occur when you were wearing the  Holter monitor? If not, you may need another,  longer test. The tests can  take up to a month or they could use an implantable monitor for a longer period.

Strange happenings….

by Adagietto - 2021-10-13 01:28:19

Thank you everyone who read about my strange happening.  Although I've had this happen occasionally for many years without ill effect, i did become concerned the cold legs (and sometimes arms) was related to some lack of circulation with extremities being deprived of blood, and the new fluttering was also a bit concerning.   

I believe my internist had the answer to the mystery today.  I did not say anything about my concern regarding the apparent circulation stopping, but he brought that up himself saying that was not happening as it would be dangerous.  Apparently it is some not-totally understood something with nerves similar to "sleep starts" or myoclonus (more common) where there is an involuntary jerk of part of the body which occurs occasionally at the time a person falls asleep.  

As to the fluttering in my chest, he said if it keeps happening, then another Holter would be called for.  

i'll definitely tell the cardiologist of any more fluttering when  I see him after another echo in two months.

* * * * *

I wish I could be helpful to others here, but although I had considered an S-ICD six years ago, I ultimately decided against it.  So far it was a good decision.  if I reconsider in the future, i could probably now benefit from pacing.  

Thanks again!


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