Beeping icd

I have a Boston scientific and the Ep guy said it looks like 3 months left. Today and last night it's beeping I just had the second set of beeps I heard. 12 hours apart. Anybody had this happened. I called the Dr waiting for a call back 



by Old male - 2021-10-11 18:21:12

Exactly as my 7 year old ICD did earlier this year.  Beeping at 12 hr. intervals to the second.  Was about 5 weeks before it was replaced.  Went in at 7:00 AM for replacement, lunch at 11:30 then back to work at 1:30 PM.

Beping ICD

by AgentX86 - 2021-10-11 20:03:39

The sound is telling you that something is wrong and to contact your cardiac team.  In this case, you know your battery is low so it's most likely telling you something that you already know.  But ask again anyway.


by - 2021-10-12 00:13:38

Thanks for answering my question. You said you went in at 7am and back to work at 1pm. Are you serious ? 
You had outpatient surgery to replace it and back in a few hours. 
This will be my 3rd one. Not looking forward to it at all. 


by Old male - 2021-10-14 00:04:31

Yes Daisy.... Day surgery.  Because lead replacement was not required.

I might add that my wife drove me to a house construction job where I had to meet with the electrician and plumber to answer some questions.  I am a building contractor.  The only problem with this one was a reaction a couple of weeks later the Dermabond adhesive caused irritation and redness.  Had to take Benadryl for a few days to clear up.  Both times, no stitches used.   

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