Lead Fracture

Has anyone had a lead fracture and had odd symptoms prior to finding out? I ask because I had a couple of weeks of dizziness, nausea and fast heart beat runs.  One night at had reached over to turn off my nightlight and my heart rate went crazy (ended up only being 80's on my watch) but every time I moved my arm for about 10 mins, it would beat strong and funny.  Then for about a week every time I moved my arms, I would get palpitations. The amount of palpitations increased in the last few weeks. Finally this week they have settled down. I had a PM check.  All looks good but ive read all measurements can look good but still have an issue. My PM is 3 years old. Dual chamber for 2:1 block.  


Lead Fracture ?

by Gemita - 2021-10-02 06:02:48

Hello PacedNRunning, did they check with any imaging, like a chest X-ray to confirm migration, fracture or other problems with your leads?  Did they check for any signs of a new arrhythmia to account for your symptoms?  You are very knowledgeable about settings, so I presume you have looked here for any clues?  You know yourself best, so I would seek further reassurance and take it a step further if your symptoms return, either requesting additional monitoring or imaging.  You might also want to see your general doctor to check your electrolytes, medication or look for other causes for your symptoms.  Hope otherwise you are well and enjoying your activities to the full.

As an arrhythmia sufferer, dizziness, nausea, fast heart beat runs can occur at any time, particularly with positional changes, on exertion, at rest, for no particular reason, that is the nature of arrhythmias as you know.  You are right though, I don't always trust those figures, those measurements.  I go more by my symptoms and they never let me down.  They tell the true story.  I keep an event diary when palpitations are particularly worrisome/symptomatic, with time and date they occur and then get the EP's technician to check my downloads which have usually confirmed the reason for my symptoms.  My last "symptomatic" event confirmed multi focal atrial tachycardia which intermittently persisted for hours.  

Thank you!

by PacedNRunning - 2021-10-04 03:20:36

I never had arrhythmia's prior to my PM. Only AV block and bradycardia.  We didn't do an X-ray.  My EP just offered to place a Zio patch to see if it an catch what I'm feeling. I told him I would wait to see if it happens more frequently.  It's just so weird. Not understanding the increase in PAC;s and PVC's


Thank you!

Lead fracture

by Finn - 2021-12-29 22:55:18

I had a lead fracture but did not have any odd symptoms.  It was discovered at a routine check up.

there were just some episodes that had showed up on the interrogation.

in the end I had both leads replaced. I have a St Jude Pm with Tendril leads.

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