This morning I spent a fair amount of time at the devise clinic with a programmer. I had my ICD installed just over a year ago and getting back to exercise has been a challenge.

Prior to all this I trained between 10-12 hours per week for Triathlons. Over a two year period my performance and ability to maintain this level dimished until i ended up in the hospital from passing out.

I have sarcoidosis which has landed in my heart complicating things even further.

When I exercise my heart will function properly for about 20 minutes and climb but then drops out to low levels. From 135 down to 100 and stay there.

They changed the rate response, included the pacing of upper and lower and decrease time between beats for the pacemaker to react.

As I read through these strings It seems that many have had great success with exercise but not right out of the box?

I feel that I am with the right doctor now (specialize in sarcoid) and they are marching down a path with direction. 

I would be interest in how long and how many attempts it has taken others to bet back to regular and vigourous exercise without issue?





by PacedNRunning - 2021-10-02 04:25:19

I would say for me it took a good 3 mos to get it dialed in tolerable. Then another 5 months of small tweaks to get it perfect. Your issue sounds like pacemaker wenckeback or 2;1 block. Both normal upper rate limit timing issues. Can be fixed. It's more advanced programming. I totally rely on my PM and can run, bike hike golf etc. I don't need rate response. That made me feel like I was 100 years old. So that is off. Timing cycles are important for exercise. Keep going back. Take notes and give them feedback. 


by seanda - 2021-10-04 15:00:27

I'm also needing Pacemaker to possibly be tweaked further. Very active 61 year old that surfs, runs, basketball, cycling etc...Pacemaker for Bradycardia is set for 130 max. My heart is suppose to kick in to go higher, but after a year of tracking, I rarely get above 120 range. This is problematic when needing that short boost when pushing my limits. Doctor says that raising levels could have negative effects of improper raising in instances outside of physical work-out when not needing to go higher. Anyone with similar problem / comments /advise? Please don't misinterpret this message as being bummed out. I'm so happy to have 2nd chance to still be active. 

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