A jolt!

I've had my pacemaker for eight weeks without any problems.  Super easy experience.  However, four days ago, after I got up in the morning to go to the bathroom, a real jolt hit my shoulder and I screamed.  It was all over in a split second but I was on my way to falling down.  What in the world caused this?  I've never had anything like this in my life but I have to presume that it was the pacemaker.


Any Other Symtoms?

by MinimeJer05 - 2021-09-30 00:43:23

Did you experience any other symtoms and was there any pain with that jolt? Has it happened since?

After I got home from my PM implant, I experienced random jolts in the middle of the night for a solid 4-5 days. These would wake me from a sleep and have me sit up and question what the heck was happening for a few mins. My heart rate went up by 15-20bpm, but nothing too wild. I was usually able to calm myself down and get back to sleep, but that still terrified me. 

I brought it up to my cardiac team and they chalked it up to adrenaline and just weird reactions from surgery and post-surgery life and adjustments (including stress and anxiety). I don't experience these as often or as intense anymore, but they do pop up. 

Has this happened more than once? Are you able to reproduce it? Curious if you have a smart watch or anything tracking your bpm?

Either way -- wouldn't hurt to shoot off a message to your cardiac team or primary. Lots of people on these forums explain weird/random/phantom pains for months after surgery. Some even as far as a year or just certain activities or positions. 

I hope it's nothing serious for you and I wouldn't worry unless things worsen or are followed with chest pains and shortness of breathe. But don't be afraid to speak up to someone on your medical team. 


A jolt!

by terracegolf - 2021-09-30 11:13:08

Thank you so much for your response.  So far it has been a one time event but it could have been quite dangerous if I hadn't been at home.  I thought I was going to faint and I have never fainted in my life.  I almost fell down.   Hopefully you never experience this again!  Luckily you were lying down.


by Jandytay - 2021-10-08 22:43:26

Curios.  Does your pacemaker have an ICD (defibrillator) with it?  If so, could it have gone off? 

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