St Jude Defibillator/Pacemaker

Had pacemakers since 2004 Boston scientific brand ,in 2017 had defibillator/pacemaker put in due to heart infection i had picked up due to checkup not done properly , It is a St Jude Defib, This one is not working as well as the Boston scientific one, I have had light headedness, dizzyspells, fatique, mood swing, short of breath , been to a number of Doctors but get very blank answers from them, I only just found out that a little while ago thatbSt Jude had a problem with there pacemakers for the above feelings I am getting , has anybody had similar or any issues with there St Jude devices, I have come to the conclusion that St Jude devices are not as good as the Boston Scientific brand 


No vendor is perfect

by crustyg - 2021-09-24 05:14:45

I don't work for any of the vendors or have a financial interest in any of them.  There is no vendor whose products are perfect - anything produced by Man is likely to be imperfect (and the amazing achievements of the probes from JPL are as much a testament to the continued excellence of the Earth-based support teams as anything else).

I've had a quick search on the FDA site and can't see a recall for your particular model of device, but you may be better at searching:

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