Hi All,
Last Friday I checked my BP and it was 90/70. My doctor (@ office clinic) told me that I've got 1st degree Hypotension and he gave me med. Akrinor (cafedrin HCL 100mg + Theodrenalin HCL 5mg). Before PM implanted, my BP is normal (120-130/80-85). Is there anyone has the same situation after getting PM? Right now I feel dizzy (mild) especially when I moving quickly.




by hlamphere - 2007-11-19 12:11:43

Hi, I've had almost the same problems. I had a PM put in on Oct. 31st, and since then I have felt terrible. I feel dizzy, my heart rate is high. My Bp is all over the place. I also have shortness of breath. I felt fine before the transplant.HLamphere

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