Lead replacement

Good Morning everyone!

three years ago one of my leads needed replacing. So another lead was fed down the same vein and malfunctioned lead was capped off.  During the process I went into VF and was ‘zapped twice’ ...During the process I suffered a pericardial effusion!  I’ve just found out that this second replacement lead is showing signs of malfunction!  I am terrified!  I have to go back in three months to see if the numbers have stabilized.  I’m beginning to wish that I’d never had the pacemaker to start with but then I guess I wouldn’t be here writing this if I didn’t!  

To sum up, I guess I’m looking for some reassurance....not scare stories as I’m terrier enough...thank you very much!



always a risk

by Heartfelt - 2021-09-13 17:35:16

Hello there. 

My Electrophysiologist had to tweet my pm at the last visit because my natural hr was not exceeding 80bpm. Who knows if it’s the pm that is not functioning correctly or if my heart muscle itself is steadily declining.  You’re right though,  we wouldn’t be writing this but for the pm implant: so let’s stay positive. 

Trust the Process

by MinimeJer05 - 2021-09-13 23:23:52


i wish I could just reply and say something that would instantly make you feel reassured and better, but one thing I've learned is that these are tricky procedures with so many variables. 

I had my pacemaker put in a little over a week ago. Later that night I sat up to go to bathroom and my heart rate just dropped from 105ish to like 60 and I felt incredibly uncomfortable. I found out a lead was dislodged and I needed a second surgery a day later. It was a crappy feeling that KILLED my confidence and has no doubt made my road to recovery a tough one (that I am still battling). 

but my point here is that we are so lucky to be alive and that we are in the hands of some of the smartest and most capable people. I know it's scary and messy, but know that the these things happen and I'm sure they so hundreds (if not thousands?) of successful repairs and fixes and that you should take solace is knowing that at least the issues have been identified and will be fixed outside of an emergency setting. 

take care and try to focus on the good :-)



IS it under the muscle

by PacedNRunning - 2021-09-22 02:17:15

Is your device under the muscle?  That can put stress on the leads.


Can relate

by Finn - 2021-10-06 00:07:26

I'm sure you are afraid. I'm 61, make , pm implanted 2009, fractured leads 2017, leads extracted and replaced. Had pericardia effusion, it took 3 months to go away. Pm change 2019.

during my procedure there was a thoracic surgeon on stand by.  I was confident in my Dr Swarup, Phoenix AZ.

want to talk feel free to private message


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