Transmitter beeping

I had my pacemaker inserted in May this year.  The pacemaker was set up for me while in hospital and worked perfectly when I came home, until a few weeks ago it started beeping every hour on the hour, softly while in the bedroom and very loud if in another room.  I have rung the phone number concerned and was told  it was working perfectly but no comment on the beeping.  Any comment.



by AgentX86 - 2021-09-06 22:51:47

You PM is trying to tell you something (duh!).  The fact that you medical staff doesn't know what it means isn't comforting at all.  Since your pacemaker is so new, it's highly unlikely that it's a low battery warning but it could be some alarm your cardiologise/EP, or whatever they're called down under, programmed.  I think I'd replace your doctors.

You didn't put you pacemaker model in your profile so there is no way to look at its documents.  You can find them on the manufacturers web site.  Perhaps you can teach your doctors something.

Edit:  I misread your post.  I thought it was you pacemaker beeping.  I see now that it's your remote monitor.  Again, you should look up the manual for that box.  It should give you som information on the problem.  It must be some diagnostic, perhaps the cell (or whatever) reception isn't great.  Just a guess.


Monitor-Transmitter Beeping

by Marybird - 2021-09-07 11:00:58

Don't know which one you have, but it's trying to tell you something. Could be either it's trying to send a report, and is unable to complete doing so. Could be the cell phone signal is poor and the transmitter is unable to connect to it.

As Agent suggested, you might check the manufacturer's website to see if there is a troubleshooting guide - there may be a "quick-start" troubleshooting guide available for customers, and it's possible you may have gotten that along with the transmitter when you got your pacemaker. You can also call the manufacturer and get their help in troubleshooting.

The doctor's office would not be aware of any issues going on with the transmitter if these are occurring between times they are expecting transmissions. All they would know from their end is if they were expecting a transmission and didn't get it. In that case they would likely have contacted you.

I think your best bet is to call the manufacturer and let them help you. Look at the transmitter when it is beeping and see if there are any icons, or lights lit ( depending on the model) This information may well indicate the nature of the problem, and you'd be asked that information by the manufacturer as they troubleshoot the problem. If there are no lits or icons lit as it beeps that's important to know too. 

Good luck!




Beep beep

by Gotrhythm - 2021-09-12 13:01:58

Did you ever find out what was causing the beeping? If so, please update us with a comment added to this thread.

The answer could be useful to someone else at some point.

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