Sore throat

Hi all, four weeks since I had my op, not feeling bad on the whole except a feeling of tightness in my throat whenever I try to breath deeply or attempt any excersise. Did a little swimming this morning and that really set my throat off, quite painfull for 15 mins or so. Any advise on what may be the cause of it, I seem to remember reading other posts about the same problem.


sore throat?

by tachybrady - 2007-07-18 05:07:31

I started having esaphageal (sp?) spasms after my implant, but that feels more like a boulder cropping up in my throat while I try to swallow. Could it feel like a spasm? Something I would definetly get charted, since it is new. I never knew what was related and what was not, so I asked alot of questions to both my cardiologist, and my primary care. The best to you!

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