Sensitivity to paceing

From time to time I feel a pressure in my chest near my throat. This feeling doesn't last long and I am wondering am I feeling the pacemaker pacing? Anyone else have similar feelings with,the pacemaker?



by athena123 - 2021-08-29 22:34:11

I have experiences with pvcs(premature ventricular contractions) it feels like a skipped beat. For me i cant feel my pm pacing but some people are more sensitive then others. Im sure everything is fine.


by Theknotguy - 2021-08-31 00:21:38

If you find one of the videos on YouTube about pacemaker implanting you'll wonder why you don't hurt more than you do.

Post implant there is some adjustment your body has to do.  First is the stretching of the pacemaker pocket.  Then you have the sensitivity of the nerves under the clavicle where the wires are inserted.  It's quite a sensitive area and may take a longer time to heal - or for your body to adjust.  

I'd have pain going up into my jaw on the same side as the pacemaker.  Sometimes it would even go up into my ear.  I think it was over a year post implant before the sensations finally went away.  I know the spot under the clavicle where the wires went in was really sensitive for a long time.  .  

You can check with your EP to see if you might have a problem.  It doesn't hurt to make the call, but unless you're running a fever it's probably just the nerves adjusting to the new reality.  

I hope everything else is going well for you and you are adjusting to your pacemaker.  

pressure in my chest near my throat

by VagalFlubberMan64 - 2021-09-08 00:29:03


I don't have my pacemaker yet, but the beginning of my saga was what felt like mild esophogeal cramping.  I had PVCs and attrial fibrillation at the time, with no interventions yet.  Now my plot has thickened, but I wonder if what your feeling is related to your arrhythmias more than your pacemaker.  Of course, if your pacemaker is working well, it reacts quickly and narrow the time lag between arrhythmia and pacing. 

This club is so valuable for learning about the wide range of symptoms and for receiving experience-based reflections from fellow pacers.  Cheers!

Pacer shocks

by Stache - 2021-10-19 19:48:22

I don’t have an ICD but do have a dual chamber pacer that is 100% pacing.  When it was first implanted I felt every shock to beat my heart.  It was uncomfortable for the first month and gradually I became accustom to the micro shocks.  I don’t notice them so much now unless I am very still, but I find myself anticipating the beat and it is a bit unnerving knowing if I don’t feel the shock my heart will stop.

It seems the medical staff doesn’t understand the stress and anxiety we have about being implant or in my case fully bionic relying on my pacer to beat my heart for me as I don’t have a backup in case of a failure.  I’m sure the medical staffs see a lot of pacer people every day and doesn’t have an understanding of our individual anxiety with our pacers.

I lost my confidence after my implanted pacer as my electrical side of the heart is dead.  The doctor has tried to reassure me I am safe to return to life except my some of my more severe hobbies.  I have taken a 1200-mile road trip and a cross country flight which has really helped my confidence.

However, I still have a dull pain in my lower left chest from the electrical shocks that comes and goes sitting here now I can feel it.  I am told to ignore the sensation I feel.  Easy for someone to say when it’s me and not them with the pacer.  I have had my pacer now for 8-months and still trying to adjust.

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