PVC's, arrythmia. asthma

Hi all, its been a while since I posted and asked for advice or opinions.After 3 years of being fantasticly healthy, I have succumbed to a period of PVC's, erratic heart rate and the dreaded asthma symptons.Mt fitness regime is out the backdoor and no bagpipe playing.I am not sure where I went wrong possibly too much snow shoeing and biking in cold weather that caused the asthma spike.Its day 4 which I realise isnt alot of days passed but for me seems like an enternity.

I have doubled my asthma dose, hangin at home which is easy cause we are level 4 lockdown,I have sort of braycardia symptons but with normal blood pressure.My pacemaker is a 3 lead cadio resyinc insert from 3 years ago.Sleeping poorly. Night asthma of course! Any feedback welcome thnkyou.?


Asthma inhalers

by Gemita - 2021-08-27 05:05:47


PVCs, a usually benign arrhythmia can be common with asthma and with the use of inhalers.   My husband often experiences increased arrhythmias with asthma flare ups.  

You say you have doubled your dose of your asthma medication, so perhaps have a word with your doctors to see whether your particular inhaler might be causing a worsening of your arrhythmia.  However once your asthma is under control you should be able to reduce dosage of your medication and notice an overall improvement in all your symptoms. It is only day 4, as you say, and lack of sleep, breathing difficulties, especially at night, will be fuel for your PVCs.  

You could also ask your doctors to perhaps check your electrolytes since they can be adversely affected by asthma meds, and electrolyte disturbances can quickly trigger an arrhythmia.  Stay safe and well.

call your doctor

by Tracey_E - 2021-08-27 10:24:15

If you're increasing the inhaler that much and not getting relief, call your doctor.

That said, I don't know where you live but my asthma has been horrible the last few weeks and I'm counting the minutes until the weather changes. I'm on double the usual dose of the daily inhaler, taking max dose of antihistimes, and still using the rescue inhaler more than my doctor likes.  My doctor knows what I am doing and I am able to get rid of the symptoms. I was told to call if ever the rescue inhaler isn't getting it, and we are going to re-evaluate in a few weeks if things aren't better by then.



by Marybird - 2021-08-27 18:36:18

A number of people I know ( including my husband and daughter) have asthma and have said it's been worse lately. Fortunately my husband doesn't seem to suffer from the arrhythmias with increases in his inhaled medication, but they've only gone so far in controlling the symptoms.

We're guessing the causes are environmental. I see Blowhard hails from New Zealand ( a bagpipe player, how cool!!!, hope you can get back to it someday?) so I couldn't say what's in the environment there ( unless the Saharan dust from Africa blows east as well as west?) but I see you're located in Florida, Tracey, as we are ( SW Florida) so depending on where you are there are any number of allergens/irritants in the air. We figure it's possibly red tide from coastal blooms in the area, pollen which is abundant here, especially in the spring and summer, and maybe even some of the Saharan dust that blows off Africa, across the Atlantic and into the US. Though we're happy to see the Saharan dust as it tends to inhibit hurricane formation in the Atlantic. Take your pick, or all of the above.

Air pollution and asthma

by Persephone - 2021-08-27 19:23:50

I'm sorry you all have to struggle with asthma.  I do not have any direct experience with asthma, but am aware that exposure to ground-level ozone air pollution can worsen asthma symptoms, and that ozone air pollution levels are higher in the summer.  Vehicle emissions are a major contributor to high ozone levels - the largest contributor in many areas.  To use Florida as an example, the state has almost 8 million registered vehicles, which can be thought of as 8 million tiny smokestakes if that image is helpful, yet there is no mandatory vehicle emissions inspection program.  There was one, but the state legislature eliminated it in 2000.  New car emissions are better controlled now, and electrification of the vehicle fleet will help into the future, but fleet turnover takes a long time.  If you're so inclined, you may want to let your elected officials know that you're an advocate of clean cars for clean air so we all can breathe easier.

asthma and inhalers

by blowhard - 2021-08-27 22:07:10

Thanks all for your comments, an element of truth in them all....I will exercise some patience take my medicine and let this pass, then back to exercise an piping as symptons decrease..


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