CRT D rookie.

Just Recieved a CRT D unit August 11th.

I have been informed that the Right Ventricle lead needs to be moved a bit.  Is this as major a proceedure as I just went through?

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Probably not, depends how long that RV lead has been there

by crustyg - 2021-08-27 11:00:30

If that RV lead has been there for years, then it's not a very big deal, BUT you really need to have it removed by a center that does at least 100 each year.  It needs specialised equipment and a lot of experience and then it's pretty safe and straightforward.  Removing a vent-lead that's been there for years is not 'I'll have a go' territory.

Once the old RV lead is out, positioning a new one should be straightforward.  It's nothing like as fiddly as getting the LV lead in through the coronary sinus.

If the RV lead was recently placed then it may be very quick and easy to reposition.

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