Pacemaker interference ??

I have a biotronik pacemaker and wonder if anyone knows if I can sleep in a caravan with the 2 large lithium batteries and power inverters etc that are under the bed?


Like a happy baby I expect

by crustyg - 2021-08-24 11:00:04

Not much of an inverter if the external mag field is significant while you sleep 12-18inches above it.

Seriously, I doubt that you will have any difficulties.

The large Li batteries are probably more of a risk to life and limb than via any PM interference.  As Boeing discovered, they have a habit of bursting into flames unless looked after really carefully...  And before you all start throwing rocks at me, look at the expanding battery problems on the MACs.

Lithium batteries

by AgentX86 - 2021-08-24 14:10:47

A big +1 on that.  Not only will they burst into flames but the flames cannot be extinguished.  They do have to be abused (or you have to be really unlucky) for them to fail catastrophically but they have that history. There are some exciting videos on Youtube starring Teslas melting down (literally), some with narration by the fire chief. That said, I use them all the time.  I have wittnessed a single Li-Ion cell catch fire it was exciting but some clear thinking individual just took it outside and let it go, as everyone stood around and watched the fireworks.

But, no, the inverter is not a problem in any way, even if you slept on it.

this is fun

by dwelch - 2021-08-26 00:01:14

No worries with the inverter.  This discussion is turning fun.  The next generation with these electric vehicles (there is nothing green about electricity) you wont have to be watching a movie to see them burst into flames (that fire departments cant put out).  Gas cars only blow up in movies, the physics isnt there.  But there will be many dead mechanics, dead drivers, etc, just from normal day to day operation and maintenance of an EV.   

Dont have to read up on Boeing, just look at the chevy bolt problem. the same problem that everyone has with lithium batteries. (Samsung, etc)  poor construction and or wear and tear (not like there is vibration and flexing in a car, right?) eventually shorts out the battery and then the fun begins. 

I wonder how many pacemakers have burst into flames lately.

If the inverter was a homemade job, then at least give it some distance, but if it is a commercial product in an enclosure with regulatory marks, etc.  If really worked then put a load on it and check your pulse or whatever you do to know that your device is working as you are close and far away, all other factors held constant.  The inverter is not the whole length of the bed right?  Sleep with your head in the other direction if it helps you sleep better.  Put a thin sheet of metal under the cushion to  as a shield, hell even aluminum foil, if that helps you sleep better.

Id be more worried about the batteries or inverter hurting me physically (fire, etc) than any fields affecting the pacer.


Thanks for the comments

by Kiwi - 2021-08-30 04:21:50

Thanks for the info!

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