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I have a VDD pacemaker implant since 2011 but I have paced  3% since then.  The problem  is Its now  pacing diaphragm,  I get pvcs and severe cough. drs here have confirmed  I don't need it anymore, They wanted to switch it off but the battery life is too low  to change the settings. It was on VDD mode but automatically changed the mode to VVI. 3rd day now i get severe cardiac events. The pacemaker   request immediate replacement,  of which I don't need it anymore.

Does anyone have an idea whether  the pacemaker will automatically switch off when the battery is completely depleted?  If not, is there any harm if I stay with a non functioning or low battery pacer for sometimes?  Any advice with leads extraction?  Thank you


It could go on for a long time

by PacedNRunning - 2021-08-30 02:37:50

There is no way to know when it wil stop pacing once it's reached replacement time. I've seen some continue to pace for 2 years after that. 

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