carotid arteries

Saw the vascular specialist today for the last time. Been with him since 2014.  He said carotids should  not have anymore plague in them.   Both are now at 45%.   Which is quite good. 

Told him since i see the cardiogist once a year now.  She can make that determination if i need anymore ultrasounds on them.  Had been seeing him every two years.  He wanted every 5 years,  His office staff said every 2 years so i would stay in the sytem.  Other wise would be considered a new patient.

Always feels good to know something is going right with my aging body.

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by AgentX86 - 2021-08-24 00:15:57

Because I had CABG surgery, my cardiologist sent me for ultrasound tests on my decending aorta and carotids.  The carotids didn't look so good so went for a CAT-A, which showed 70-80% blockage.  I decided for stenting rather than slice-and-dice on my neck.  (Carotid catheterization has to be done without any sedation).  When they got in there, they found no more than a 20% blockage. The tests lied, evidently because rather than plaque, my carotids are calicified.  I go back once a year for ultrasound tests to keep tabs on them.  So far, no changes.  I'm OK with it.

no plaque

by new to pace.... - 2021-08-24 05:19:20

AgentX86 you were lucky you had a honest dr.  Who did not did not do unneccesary surgery on you.

Unnecessary surgery

by AgentX86 - 2021-08-24 22:43:14

I guess I kive a charmed life. Except for my CABG, when there was really no choice, my doctors have always laid out all my options and let me choose. In that case it was either a stent or a more major surgery.  I made the call and made the right choice.   During the surgery (I had to be fully awake) he said that he couldn't do the stent and would have been medical malpractice to try and got out of there.  I still had to lay flat on my back for five hours with a screaming back and bladder.

I just had the same sort of thing with a broken arm.  The orthopedic surgeon laid out three choices, of which only one was surgical.  He explained what needed to be done with each and what the likely outcomes would be. I took the surgery (which has been much worse than my PM surgery was).

honest doctor

by new to pace.... - 2021-08-25 14:36:48

i know this comment has nothing to do with this site.  But a couple of years ago was going to have ear surgery.  Where they poked a hole in the bone so i could hear better.  After the dr got inside the ear.  Looked their was a artery gone over the location.  He closed me up and told me i still did not hear.  Had a MRI of neck/ head.  Found out my left carotid  deviated and was in my ear.  Glad he decided not to cut that out, could have bleed to death. 

Who know how long it has been that way.

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