Metal Mickey’s time’s up.

Check today and replacement in next week or so. Put in 2009, pretty good effort for my metal mate. St. Judes Zephyr. 
thanks for all the support and advice since 2009.





by IAN MC - 2021-08-23 06:57:57

I had my PM check-up this morning and I was told that TITANIUM  TOM  has 15 months to go.  Tom is a bit younger than Metal Mickey and was  implanted in 2011.

Best of luck with Mickey Mark  2.



by lizzie - 2021-08-23 20:00:40

My first PM device lasted 8yrs and my 2nd 12yrs. They decided to move the position of the 3rd one as it was near my armpit and felt awkward at times. However,  it was akin to digging out a bit mono bloc that had taken root in the ground. 😢 and , on reflection,  i think it was to give the student surgeon more practice. 🤔 That one lasted 7yrs and i received my 4th device last October amid the Covid crisis. That battery was taken right down to the wire with just a few weeks power left. At this rate my scars resemble a road map and I'm going to be worth a fortune in scrap when my "time" comes.  My hubby says he's going to recycle me into a baked bean tin. 🤭🤣🤭

Wait for me Lizzie & Lithium Lizzie

by Lizzie - 2021-08-24 02:39:06

Titanium Tom and Lithium Lizzie, thanks for the comments. They rang and wanted to do it this Thursday. Had to say no, I'm p,aying a 3 day croquet tournament starting Friday. Maybe next week for Metal Mickey the 2nd. 

Lizzie & Metal Mickey 

think he's sulking after being thought redundant. 🙄😘

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